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Hey guys!

Here I am, back from a hiatus. Let me tell you, life can get crazy busy sometimes!! But it's honestly great to blog again. I was itching to do so, but the break was much needed. How are you all?

In my last post you saw that all of my big puffy long hair was gone! And it's still gone! LOL. I am still in love with the short hair, And as you can see, I tapered the sides, which I love even more than my first haircut! 

These photos are from a natural hair photo shoot taken by my lovely mother and her friend Sandy. We had a lot of fun playing dress up, make-up done by Crystal Carmen (pictured middle), and it was awesome to spend the day together enjoying laughs, nice weather, and expressing our beautiful and unique natural hair! Thanks to Beautiful Affirmations for putting together this lovely shoot!

Updates from me, the school year is quickly approaching its end, and I will be headed to New York City this summer. I can't believe it's almost here! I'm SO excited, but just as nervous, as this will be a leap of faith for me. I know in my heart it's what I have to do! I've been trying to save as much money as I can (I still have bills to pay and a shopping habit to kick) JUST IN CASE I have to move there without a job. But I have faith that I'll lock in SOMETHING before I move lol... Please keep me in your prayers y'all!

My birthday is also Wednesday, May 1st, and I'll be a quarter century! Ahh! I'm actually excited to turn 25. 24 was a great year of experience, learning, and change. Transitioning into 25 will be even more major change! But I'm up for the challenge!

(This was my "Mom's Do Natural Hair" advertisement LMAO)!

On another note, I just want to mention the Boston Marathon bombing. Usually I save the politics and feminist rants for my twitter or tumblr, but I do want to say this. I was really down and out over the bombings. I understand that there are other countries that are experiencing this and far worse all over the world, but this felt personal to me. I was mad, outraged. Boston is a place I used to call home, as I spent my whole undergrad career there in school. Where the bombing took place, Back Bay, was right where my campus was. I can't even count the number of times I walked back and forth on Boylston Street, or hung out in Copley Square. My thoughts and prayers are still with all the families affected by the tragedy. One thing I know about Boston, is Boston Pride. It was great to see everyone come together in times of grief and adversity and help each other out. That was beautiful. 

On a lighter note, above is my new youtube video, me in the salon getting all my hair cut off! Check it out!

Fill me in on what's been going on with you! Hope you're well! :)


Man, I feel like a woman.
Wearing thrifted Jones New York blazer, H&M men's v-neck t-shirt, Zara jeans & boots, Lookmatic "Austin" eyeglasses

For those of you who follow me on instagram, twitter, or Facebook, you already know this, but please act surprised (for me) lol. OMG!! Can I just mention how OBSESSED I am about my new haircut? I absolutely LOVE it! There are a couple reasons why I cut my hair off, and reasons why I waited so long to do it (which I will explain in detail in an upcoming youtube video), but I feel so liberated, and am rocking my natural texture and just letting it do what it do!

I think my new haircut brings out my face and my features, which I am also loving-- I'm still playing around with products to make my curls pop, but I think I've finally found what works. It's been so long since I rocked my natural texture. I was always manipulating my natural curls when it was long. Not saying that's a bad thing, but this is just so much easier lol. I think I'm actually going to tweak the cut just a tad bit next time I go into the salon. Shout out to Pay for cutting my hair! I think she was more excited than I was to cut it! My bestie Lei recorded the whole thing, and that will also be up on youtube soon! You guys will be able to see the transformation, and me sort of freaking out when I actually hear the scissors cutting off all my length haha!

Ok, let's talk the outfit. I love how sophisticated but easily casual a blazer & t-shirt combination can be! I recently picked up these frames! They are prescription, but they have the UV Ray tinting, and I love how they turn a nice golden brown in the sun. Very 60's indeed!

These boots are my everything! By the time I peeped them and wanted to buy, they were sold out everywhere! I luckily snagged them on Threadflip, and now they're all miiiine! *cue Thriller laughter*

How have you all been? I hope you're well! :) I can't believe we're already halfway through March!

Drop me a line, I really do appreciate when you guys leave me comments! Have a good weekend! 

Hey guys!  It's been a minute, how is everyone?
F21 blouse, ASOS pants, Nine West slingback wedges
I am so ready for Spring and Spring colors!  I love the color fuchsia!

My life is changing.  Various aspects of my life have all changed within the past month or so.  Some good and some... Different.  On one side, I am actually moving forward!  Things that were holding me back are no longer, and I am very excited to start living my life without those burdens!  Other changes are things I have no control over that I knew would eventually happen.  Adapting to these changes is the true test God is giving me, and I am up for the challenge!  I can honestly say that I have come to terms with all of these changes, and all I can do is keep living my life!  I do believe everything happens for a reason, and I need to remember that God's plan, versus our own personal plans, don't always align.  I know He has big plans for me, so I am no longer stressing anything!  Things will happen when they are supposed to happen!

What about you guys?  Do you ever feel like you try so hard to achieve something, but it doesn't seem to happen the way you want it to?  I feel like we all just have to keep open minds, and continue to strive for these goals, and everything will eventually fall into place!

On another note, here's my new YouTube hair style tutorial, check it out if you're interested!



Inspired + Transition to Spring
AA blouse, H&M jeans, hand-beaded vintage necklace
This look was inspired by Delmy Rivera of Fashion Bananas.  I just loved the color combination, and decided to try a similar look myself!  However, there is a little story behind the necklace.  My mother and late grandmother got a few of these beaded neck pieces back in the 90's, and it wasn't until she passed away that we went through her jewelry and found these beautiful necklaces.  I was fortunate enough to have them passed down to me!  I just love the colors and design!

In other news, my life this past week:

I've been joking around about how my blog is turning into a food blog since it seems all I've been doing lately is going out to eat!  If you follow me on twitter, you know how much I tweet about food haha!  My mother took Lei and I out to dinner as a "thank you" for performing in her Black History Month Program at her school :)

Lastly.  Spring.  Let's talk about it!  

Spring is on its way!  It's staying lighter longer, and the weather is warming up, (looking forward to 65 degrees on Thursday)... But the real question is, are YOU ready to make that transition?

Here's how to start introducing Spring into your wardrobe!

Leather jackets & floral prints: One of my favorite Spring combinations is pairing a floral printed dress with a leather jacket!  It's so edgy mets feminine!  Florals scream Spring & Summer and the leather adds a nice contrasting touch, while keeping you warm during those cool Spring days/nights!

Shorts/Skirts & boots combo: I love the mix & match of boots with shorts, and skirts with boots.  This look can be worn throughout any season, but lose the tights for Spring, and add some brighter colors to the mix!

Colorful accessories: Speaking of bright colors, if you're not a color gal, try slowly introducing color by accessorizing!  Accessories are the perfect way to add a pop of color, to any previously "winter" esque outfit.  Jazz up your current wardrobe by grabbing some colorful scarves, a cute clutch, or even jewelry! 

Denim jacket: Denim is seasonally universal, so toss that winter coat back into the closet, and replace it with a cute denim jacket!  I love the denim jacket, and it goes well with casual and formal wear.  Wear it over a gown or rock it over a tunic and some skinnies.  It just works!

Bright lip color: You see it all over the runway, bold lip color is in!  The bolder the better!  Let the lip do all the talking, and keep the outfit simple.  That lip will speak for itself!  My favorites are M.A.C.'s Girl About Town and Ruby Woo (of course)!

Happy hump day!  Have a great rest of the week!


Concrete Jungle Here I Come!
I feel like there is so much to discuss!  First things first.  The past 6 months have been a grueling, strenuous search for a job.  Not just for any job, but a job in my desired career field.  I was so close to an opportunity that I would have dreamed to receive, but it didn't work out.  I've learned that if an opportunity doesn't work out, it's only because there is another opportunity that eventually will.  I've also been contemplating over whether to make the move to NYC or LA by the end of the summer, and I've decided... New York it is!

NYC will be the most sensible and less expensive move.  I won't have to pay to ship my furniture (I live close to the city), and I won't have to buy a car to get around (plus car expenses, such as gas, car note, insurance, etc).  I love LA, and I feel that it is in my future, but for now, NYC will be my present.  I love the city, and am excited to start my career there.  Now all I have to do is land a job as quickly as possible!

My life this past week:

The besties and I went bar hopping then ended at a friend's apt to chill :)

With our friend Rachel

Sorry Lei for putting you on blast, but your facial expressions are beating mine by far this time!

(To compensate for the crazy-faced photos :p)  Isn't she gorg?
We discovered that the bff's were wearing the same exact outfit, only in opposite ways.  How weird haha?!

I also made dinner for the rents this week... Pizza!

I tried making guacamole, but realized (in process) that I didn't have the ingredients necessary, so I freestyled, but it was a #FAIL

At least the pizzas turned out to be delicious!!

New jewelry pieces + Akbar + New hair style I tried out 

It looks stuffy and old, but I forgot to pick it out with my fingers before I took the pic... It looks more 70's glam when I do... I'm kind of feeling it...

I need your opinion on two things: 

1.  Should I change my banner?  I've been thinking about it for a little while, have consulted with a few blog buddies, and want to know your opinion.  Is it too busy?  Should I simplify it, or do you like it the way it is?  I would appreciate the feedback!

2.  Facebook "Like" Page?  I think I'm ready to make one.  I'm finding that it is a little much posting all of my blog biz (blogger + tumblr + twitter) on my Facebook wall, and I'm tired of posting my statuses "check out my new post."  I've recently connected with bloggers through their Facebook fan pages, and I think it would be an easier way to consolidate and interact with fellow bloggers/blog readers.  It's easier to keep up with everyone's posts that way as well.  What do you guys think?  Yay or nay?  Do you have a Facebook page for your blog (if so PLEASE leave me the link so I can be apart of it)?


******P.S.  Banner is a temp until I can figure something out!  Bare with me :) ******