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Writings on the Wall
H&M oversized turtleneck sweater, ASOS black & white plaid trousers, thrifted earrings, vintage necklace via my mother, Zara fringe leather boots

When did it become cliche to write on someone's Facebook wall? I've noticed the drastic decrease in traditional wall posts on fb lately. You'll have a few folks who still write on walls, unaware of the new anti-wall trend because they only access their pages a couple times a month, or it'll be that random (usually older) family member... But when we do write on people's wall, it's usually about ourselves. "Hey, check out my ________," or "Watch this funny YouTube video," which IS most of the time, pretty funny. But is it ever in genuine interest of the person whose wall you are writing on? It usually has nothing to do with the actual person, but about yourself. Furthermore, the few times you do write on a "friend's" wall, it pops up on everyone and their mama's timeline "IN THE NEWS" style, and sometimes you get unwanted commenters on a conversation that has nothing to do with them. What about online etiquette? People feel completely comfortable telling all their personal business, posting drama driven Facebook statuses, or other inappropriate pictures that nobody wants to see. Facebook is also NOT a diary.

Which brings me to Facebook inbox messaging. FB messaging is like the new wall post. If you have something you feel is worthy of posting beyond your own benefit or something that you don't necessarily want other commenters on, you message it. That's the safest way. Transactions such as trading phone numbers, spitting game (smh), or swapping info for future networking/business opportunities take place there. Totally acceptable. 

However, I think FB has turned into an unrealistic way for people to connect without actually connecting. For instance, I can be FB friends with someone that I went high school with, not ever talk to them (barely talked to them in hs), but know that they have a child, work here, just got a new car, and are going on vacation to Cancun on Spring Break. Isn't that a bit odd? OR, someone you don't know that's a "friend of a friend" can subscribe to your public updates and comment/like/share them. I also find that odd. I just feel that Facebook supports unrealistic and inappropriate forms of communication, which is another reason why my generation has trouble communicating with actual human beings in real life. Then that brings me back to this and this post.

But anyway, enough about social media problems, you know my life is full of social media- personal and work wise, and sometimes I think of these things and like to share my thoughts... On another note, I attended a natural hair meet-up in my area the other night, and it was really fun! Most of the ladies were newly natural, so it was cool sharing my experience, tips, and products based on many years trial and error lol. Oh to be newly natural again...

It's also my parents 27th year anniversary! Congratulations you two, love you more than the world itself!

Until next time!

The Weeknd
This weekend consisted of a lot of food, a lot of laughs, and a lot of fun :D

If you follow me on twitter, you know that I tweeted about how I desperately wanted a leather skirt.  I was concerned because I wanted to rock one before it got too hot outside (but at this rate, who knows if the weather will ever warm up).  I brought it up to my mom and two seconds later she busted out with a leather skirt, the one I happen to be wearing in this post lol.  And to think I knew of every article that is in her closet!  Tsk tsk tsk.
It was extremely windy outside, we've been having some crazy weather on the East Coast.
When I bought this shirt a few months ago, it didn't fit at all.  Now it does. #progress

This is my second attempt at doing a heatless roller-set (I let my hair air dry).  I like how it turned out this time.  I tried to channel Dorothy Dandridge, rather than looking like I had on Jennifer Hudson's wig from Dreamgirls pictured in this post.

As you know, my friend Shawna visited me this weekend so I played host/tour guide and showed her around my city!  She along with the besties all had a good ole time.

We ate.
And chilled.

Like my new purse?  I'm surprised I bought it because I don't like to carry them, but this one was too cute!  It's from Target! 

Then we ate some more...

... And some more!

I should be ashamed of the amount I consumed this weekend, but it felt good at the time!  I'm currently struggling (my body isn't taking it well haha), but hey, things happen.

I'm headed to NYC again this morning for another meeting.  I'll speak on it if anything comes from it (hopefully)!


I find it hard to blog when I don't have any official updates or exciting news to share.  But that's life.  Not every day is an exciting one, and I guess that will push me to be more creative with my posts, right?  Anywho, as you know, I took a sojourn in NYC last weekend.  I was there for a meeting for potential job opps.  I was able to do a bit of networking and am meeting with someone from Universal Music Group sometime in the next week or so.  So we'll see...

In other news, my lovely friend Shawna is planning to come stay with me this weekend from the city, and I'm so excited as I have the whole weekend planned!  I really want to make an itinerary (more so for myself than her), but I'm stopping myself from doing so.  I know.  A LOT.  No worries, I'll be taking loads of pics to make up for the lack of outfit pics from the last two posts.  Thanks for being patient guys!  xo

Here are the pics I took whilst in the city:

I always hit that Dean & Deluca for a quick bite to eat

The lovely Shawna

She lives in Central Park West :)

"Always hold the pole on a moving train." I found this hilarious.  I feel bad for that lady, she was doing her best to act like she didn't notice me taking pictures in her direction.

I walked around by myself for a little bit, vibin to Frank Ocean.  Good stuff.

This is actually not chalk, but sand.  He was dropping it from his hand.  Pretty talented!
The meeting was with a family friend, we met at Republic in Union Square.  
I didn't want the person I met with to think I was a creep, so I snuck and took a pic while he was in the restroom hehe

I got to reunite with my lovely friend Arianna whom I haven't seen in like 4 years!  I also got the meet the lovely Anael, after talking through twitter for like... Years!  lol.  They're so fab, love you guys! xo
They both blog and tweet like I!
Ari: twitter & tumblr
Anael: twitter & tumblr

I had the pleasure of meeting up with my boo David as well! He's on twitter too! 
I had a pounding headache so I didn't drink anything...

The next morning I met Shawna at work for a complimentary breakfast (lol), then headed home!

Overall, it was a pretty fun trip, and I'll be back for another meeting soon.  I'm keeping the faith as usual! 

My birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks, and I'm trying to figure out what to do... Something lowkey...

I am also having so much fun with the facebook page!  I'm loving the interaction!  Join me here.


This weather has been such a drag (RuPaul reference)!!  But all I ask is it be nice on my birthday weekend.  I mean, it's not for another few weeks, but I'm speaking it into existence ahead of time.  That is all I want! lol

Since my official decision to choose NYC vs. LA, I've been applying for full-time jobs in NYC for the past few days intensely... All I can do is apply and follow-up until I get that interview k!  I will not give up!

Besides that, same routine... Work, working out, socializing on social media venues lol... Oh and I made the Facebook Page.  I hope you like it... LITERALLY.. (leaving the link below)!!

I've also been trying to "juice" more to get my daily servings of fruits and veggies.  I make good juice ya'll!  I can make kale, broccoli, apples, & carrots taste delightful!

The juicer actually does all the work, but hey, I come up with some pretty cool combos!

No outfit post today, but next post will definitely include one :)  I wanted to add some photos that have been giving me life lately:

I'm gna rock the natural hair all summah long baby!
I really want to do dye my hair, but I'm a wuss!
I love me some Julia Styles and I think this top is so awesome haha.  I figure this photo was taken in the late 1990's.
Willy Cartier.  Get to know him.
My mother's HS graduation photo.  She didn't smile because she had braces LOL!  I'm going to grow my hair this large one day!
I really want to try this hairstyle.  It looks hott on her!

I've also been obsessing over gel manicures.  It is a polish that can be applied on your natural nail that is dried by a UV light in like 5 minutes.  And it lasts for a good 2 weeks!  I only get it done every 2 weeks because my nails grow out by then.  Here's a pic of how bomb it looks, PLEASE EXCUSE THE ASH:

-gel manicures (as discussed).  Uh-mazing.
-gaudy jewelry (I'm loving statement fashion jewelry pieces more and more each day).
-Blogger makes your pictures look like ish and grainy and gross.  I will be uploading via Photobucket from here on out.
-making short-term goals keep me hungry and always striving to achieve something greater than myself.
-I want to change my banner and my whole blog layout, so work with me here while I get it together lol 


(inspiration images via tumblr)

Concrete Jungle Here I Come!
I feel like there is so much to discuss!  First things first.  The past 6 months have been a grueling, strenuous search for a job.  Not just for any job, but a job in my desired career field.  I was so close to an opportunity that I would have dreamed to receive, but it didn't work out.  I've learned that if an opportunity doesn't work out, it's only because there is another opportunity that eventually will.  I've also been contemplating over whether to make the move to NYC or LA by the end of the summer, and I've decided... New York it is!

NYC will be the most sensible and less expensive move.  I won't have to pay to ship my furniture (I live close to the city), and I won't have to buy a car to get around (plus car expenses, such as gas, car note, insurance, etc).  I love LA, and I feel that it is in my future, but for now, NYC will be my present.  I love the city, and am excited to start my career there.  Now all I have to do is land a job as quickly as possible!

My life this past week:

The besties and I went bar hopping then ended at a friend's apt to chill :)

With our friend Rachel

Sorry Lei for putting you on blast, but your facial expressions are beating mine by far this time!

(To compensate for the crazy-faced photos :p)  Isn't she gorg?
We discovered that the bff's were wearing the same exact outfit, only in opposite ways.  How weird haha?!

I also made dinner for the rents this week... Pizza!

I tried making guacamole, but realized (in process) that I didn't have the ingredients necessary, so I freestyled, but it was a #FAIL

At least the pizzas turned out to be delicious!!

New jewelry pieces + Akbar + New hair style I tried out 

It looks stuffy and old, but I forgot to pick it out with my fingers before I took the pic... It looks more 70's glam when I do... I'm kind of feeling it...

I need your opinion on two things: 

1.  Should I change my banner?  I've been thinking about it for a little while, have consulted with a few blog buddies, and want to know your opinion.  Is it too busy?  Should I simplify it, or do you like it the way it is?  I would appreciate the feedback!

2.  Facebook "Like" Page?  I think I'm ready to make one.  I'm finding that it is a little much posting all of my blog biz (blogger + tumblr + twitter) on my Facebook wall, and I'm tired of posting my statuses "check out my new post."  I've recently connected with bloggers through their Facebook fan pages, and I think it would be an easier way to consolidate and interact with fellow bloggers/blog readers.  It's easier to keep up with everyone's posts that way as well.  What do you guys think?  Yay or nay?  Do you have a Facebook page for your blog (if so PLEASE leave me the link so I can be apart of it)?


******P.S.  Banner is a temp until I can figure something out!  Bare with me :) ******