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Inspired + Transition to Spring
AA blouse, H&M jeans, hand-beaded vintage necklace
This look was inspired by Delmy Rivera of Fashion Bananas.  I just loved the color combination, and decided to try a similar look myself!  However, there is a little story behind the necklace.  My mother and late grandmother got a few of these beaded neck pieces back in the 90's, and it wasn't until she passed away that we went through her jewelry and found these beautiful necklaces.  I was fortunate enough to have them passed down to me!  I just love the colors and design!

In other news, my life this past week:

I've been joking around about how my blog is turning into a food blog since it seems all I've been doing lately is going out to eat!  If you follow me on twitter, you know how much I tweet about food haha!  My mother took Lei and I out to dinner as a "thank you" for performing in her Black History Month Program at her school :)

Lastly.  Spring.  Let's talk about it!  

Spring is on its way!  It's staying lighter longer, and the weather is warming up, (looking forward to 65 degrees on Thursday)... But the real question is, are YOU ready to make that transition?

Here's how to start introducing Spring into your wardrobe!

Leather jackets & floral prints: One of my favorite Spring combinations is pairing a floral printed dress with a leather jacket!  It's so edgy mets feminine!  Florals scream Spring & Summer and the leather adds a nice contrasting touch, while keeping you warm during those cool Spring days/nights!

Shorts/Skirts & boots combo: I love the mix & match of boots with shorts, and skirts with boots.  This look can be worn throughout any season, but lose the tights for Spring, and add some brighter colors to the mix!

Colorful accessories: Speaking of bright colors, if you're not a color gal, try slowly introducing color by accessorizing!  Accessories are the perfect way to add a pop of color, to any previously "winter" esque outfit.  Jazz up your current wardrobe by grabbing some colorful scarves, a cute clutch, or even jewelry! 

Denim jacket: Denim is seasonally universal, so toss that winter coat back into the closet, and replace it with a cute denim jacket!  I love the denim jacket, and it goes well with casual and formal wear.  Wear it over a gown or rock it over a tunic and some skinnies.  It just works!

Bright lip color: You see it all over the runway, bold lip color is in!  The bolder the better!  Let the lip do all the talking, and keep the outfit simple.  That lip will speak for itself!  My favorites are M.A.C.'s Girl About Town and Ruby Woo (of course)!

Happy hump day!  Have a great rest of the week!