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On the Road Again...

WOW! Where do I even begin?! From my last post, I was just leaving for my first tour with Sam Smith. I did not know what to expect, but I was enthusiastic anyway! It ended up being such a fun tour, and it was cool to travel, meet new people, see old friends, and of course siiiiiing! We hit cities I had never been to, and on our days off, I explored as much as I could! I was tired by the time I got back to NYC, but a good tired, of course!

Back from tour in the second week of October, I decided to sublet my apartment from November until the lease ends in March, since I'll be on the road for the majority of the time! Saving that coint, ok?? I moved out all my clothes and traveled right back home to PA with the 'rents, expecting to just "chill" for the time I had off before the tour picked back up full-time in December. Boy was I wrong about that!

Some of you know via my




that I've also been singing as a background singer for Stevie Wonder's current "Songs in the Key of Life" tour. I heard the news while I was having lunch, and could hardly eat I was so excited! I was able to do five shows in five cities (my last show next week in Vegas) and each show was unique and incredible! I can't even put into the words the level of energy and spirituality I felt onstage! It's an experience I will never ever forget! I am so grateful to have been chosen to be a part of such a great show with the incomparable, Stevie Wonder. I could go on and on about his music, but he is just that amazing! And his incredible band has been so warm, humble, and welcoming to myself and the other singers that joined the tour! It's great to know musicians of such a high caliber can still hold on to their faith and humanness in such a tough, competitive industry (which is infamous for being not-so-nice).


leather Vest (via Mom's closet),


turtleneck and faux leather shorts,


 coat and shoes

I'm really excited to get back on the road with Sam and the boys! We have the AMA's this weekend, y'all should tune in Sunday night!! I'm headed to Los Angeles today to start rehearsing! I will mention that I am looking forward to this LA weather! 'Cuz it's cold out here in the Northeast, and I'm not here for it!! #byeFelicia


But let me tell you about my new glasses right quick (LOL)! These are my new



frames! They are eyeglasses, but transitional lenses, so they turn into olive-lens colored sunnies when I'm outside. If you're ever in NYC on the lower east side, go visit their boutique! They have loads of unique frames, definitely worth the visit for all you four eyes imo! The pair I have sold out, apparently myself and Sarah Jessica Parker got the last two pair. And they don't remake them once they're sold out! So that means SJP and I are twinning! *cue emoji praise hands + crying face emoji*

This is my update for now! I'm gonna try my best to update y'all one more time before the year is out! I need a 2014 recap post because this year has been incredible, and all I can do is thank God for everything He's doing for me! He's really showing me his grace and mercy. I am truly thankful! 

Hope all is well with whomever is reading! Shoot me a message, post a comment! Let's chat!



Photography by Mom, aka

Stephanie Brooks

Man, I feel like a woman.
Wearing thrifted Jones New York blazer, H&M men's v-neck t-shirt, Zara jeans & boots, Lookmatic "Austin" eyeglasses

For those of you who follow me on instagram, twitter, or Facebook, you already know this, but please act surprised (for me) lol. OMG!! Can I just mention how OBSESSED I am about my new haircut? I absolutely LOVE it! There are a couple reasons why I cut my hair off, and reasons why I waited so long to do it (which I will explain in detail in an upcoming youtube video), but I feel so liberated, and am rocking my natural texture and just letting it do what it do!

I think my new haircut brings out my face and my features, which I am also loving-- I'm still playing around with products to make my curls pop, but I think I've finally found what works. It's been so long since I rocked my natural texture. I was always manipulating my natural curls when it was long. Not saying that's a bad thing, but this is just so much easier lol. I think I'm actually going to tweak the cut just a tad bit next time I go into the salon. Shout out to Pay for cutting my hair! I think she was more excited than I was to cut it! My bestie Lei recorded the whole thing, and that will also be up on youtube soon! You guys will be able to see the transformation, and me sort of freaking out when I actually hear the scissors cutting off all my length haha!

Ok, let's talk the outfit. I love how sophisticated but easily casual a blazer & t-shirt combination can be! I recently picked up these frames! They are prescription, but they have the UV Ray tinting, and I love how they turn a nice golden brown in the sun. Very 60's indeed!

These boots are my everything! By the time I peeped them and wanted to buy, they were sold out everywhere! I luckily snagged them on Threadflip, and now they're all miiiine! *cue Thriller laughter*

How have you all been? I hope you're well! :) I can't believe we're already halfway through March!

Drop me a line, I really do appreciate when you guys leave me comments! Have a good weekend!