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Photo Diary: It's a Celebration!
Every Thursday night, a group of my friends get together for "family dinners."  We rotate houses, and each bring an item of food, based on what theme the host chooses.  This past week, the theme was "baked," so we had baked chicken, baked mac & cheese, baked tilapia, etc... The food is always delicious, and we all have a great evening, which usually ends in drinks and games!

Yesterday afternoon I went to brunch with the boo, and ordered eggs benedict.  Doesn't my food look like Oscar from Sesame Street? lol

Later that evening, I went out to celebrate my best friend Leilani's birthday.  We went to dinner at an Italian spot called Mama Nina.  I've blogged about this restaurant once before HERE.  Their food is definitely delicious, but not so much nutritious!
I spotted this beautiful dress in the window of a boutique on my short walk from my car to the restaurant.  I may have to go back and try it on!

The beautiful birthday girl!  Happy birthday Lei!

Say it with me: Yuuuuuummm!
After dinner, Lei and I went to meet up with some of our friends for her birthday party at a karaoke bar!  

We had such a blast!  We sang everything from En Vogue to Britney Spears!  We jammed to Boyz II Men, Alanis Morissette, sang some MJ, grooved to Stevie Wonder, and more!  We did it all!  And of course we were dancing our behinds off too!  

It was honestly the most fun I've had in a good while!  

Happy Monday!


Mama Nina's
You guys know how much I love food.
Well,  there's a restaurant in my town that a lot of my friends & co-workers were recommending for me to try called Mama Nina.

I had made plans with my cousin who lives in the area, and we both enjoy getting our grub on, so this worked out perfectly lol.
I had my mother snap some photos of my outfit.  It had been raining off and on all day, but it was still warm outside!

Don't worry, I'm wearing shorts underneath my blouse lol.
Wearing an American Apparel sheer blouse, BDG shorts, and Michael Kors creme patent leather wedges
My cousin already knew the deal, he was just watching/making fun of me the whole time :p

Thankfully it wasn't raining by the time we got to the restaurant (because I wanted to sit outside), and we were luckily able to get seated right away!

The restaurant is located on the historic/downtown part of the city, and I always enjoy going down there for the scenery!

As soon as we got seated, we were immediately served with fresh garlic bread.  It was soooo yummy!
They also give you a complimentary glass of wine (I was unaware of this, so I brought my own, and there wasn't even a corkage fee)!

Ok, at this point I would suggest getting a glass of water before continuing to read this post.  Food pictures shortly following will most likely cause instant salivation.

Then the food came out...

I ordered the spaghetti and meat sauce with mushrooms.  Everything is made fresh to order, so you can really freestyle any dish!

Can't you just tell from the picture how thick & creamy that sauce was?  It was seriously straight cream.  It was so delicious!  Christian ordered the Angel Hair Gorgonzola. "Sauteed with baby lobster, shrimp, scallops, and jumbo lump crab meat in a vodka gorgonzola basil cream sauce."  I only had a few bites, but man oh man.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere and energy of Mama Nina, a real Mom & Pop type place.  The owner was pretty active with the customers the whole time we were dining.  Helping seat tables, boxing up food, greeting customers...  He was such a sweet older man, always smiling, and I made sure to tell him it was my first time dining there, and how I thought the food was fantastic!  

I ate a good portion of my entree, and it didn't even look like I touched it when I was finished lol.  Of course I got it boxed up, and I actually finished the rest of it last night (a tear fell down my right eye with the last bite lol).  I  had asked to look at the dessert menu, but I knew better than to order anything haha!  I'll definitely be back!


P.S.  I totally missed the season 4 premiere of True Blood last night, so I'm going to find it online and watch it asap!  How was it?  Does anyone watch TB?

The Weeknd
This weekend consisted of a lot of food, a lot of laughs, and a lot of fun :D

If you follow me on twitter, you know that I tweeted about how I desperately wanted a leather skirt.  I was concerned because I wanted to rock one before it got too hot outside (but at this rate, who knows if the weather will ever warm up).  I brought it up to my mom and two seconds later she busted out with a leather skirt, the one I happen to be wearing in this post lol.  And to think I knew of every article that is in her closet!  Tsk tsk tsk.
It was extremely windy outside, we've been having some crazy weather on the East Coast.
When I bought this shirt a few months ago, it didn't fit at all.  Now it does. #progress

This is my second attempt at doing a heatless roller-set (I let my hair air dry).  I like how it turned out this time.  I tried to channel Dorothy Dandridge, rather than looking like I had on Jennifer Hudson's wig from Dreamgirls pictured in this post.

As you know, my friend Shawna visited me this weekend so I played host/tour guide and showed her around my city!  She along with the besties all had a good ole time.

We ate.
And chilled.

Like my new purse?  I'm surprised I bought it because I don't like to carry them, but this one was too cute!  It's from Target! 

Then we ate some more...

... And some more!

I should be ashamed of the amount I consumed this weekend, but it felt good at the time!  I'm currently struggling (my body isn't taking it well haha), but hey, things happen.

I'm headed to NYC again this morning for another meeting.  I'll speak on it if anything comes from it (hopefully)!