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Greatest Love.

This blog post has nothing to do with fashion, or my hair.

This post has everything to do with my love for music. And not just my appreciation for music, but my passion to pursue my own personal music journey.

I can't think back to a time when music wasn't a part of my life. Some of you may not know (although I am sure you can gather from these photos), that I am a musician. I am a singer/songwriter/composer. I've been singing since I was 3 years old, I went to a performing arts high school where I majored in vocal music, and I went off to a prestigious music school for college called Berklee College of Music, where I graduated with two degrees in Songwriting and Music Business.

So it's safe to say I take music pretty seriously.

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to be a performer. I've always been a confident gal, lively, full of personality, so willing to be the center of attention (lol), but once I got to college, my goals shifted. I really got into the business side of music and decided then that I no longer wanted to perform. I'd rather be the business behind the brand, the brains of the operation, that sort of thing.

Meanwhile, I still took my songwriting courses, and continued to write music, and gigged here and there, but only for fun. I told myself I wanted not to perform my own music, but rather, write for other performers. I figured I would get the same satisfaction just working in the music industry, rather than performing in the music industry.

I was wrong.

Self doubt. Lack of confidence. How could I be such a confident person, but not be confident enough to pursue my true dreams? I shake my head as I write this, because I can't believe I allowed myself to push myself this far away from the one thing I know I feel completely sound in doing.  Had my fear of not being successful steered me away? Or thinking that I wasn't as talented as my friends? Not being able to hide behind any guard, my music is a true reflection of who I am, this truly scared me.

But that is no longer. I am here to state that I am taking myself seriously as a musician again, and will compose AND perform. I mentioned a few months back that I am moving to New York City next summer, and I totally plan to get a band together, gig, make music, and be happy. Because this is what I want to do!

We all have fears and doubts, especially young 20 somethings living in this economy/country where times are the hardest they have been in our whole lives. Steadily trying to fit in, or stand out, attempting get ahead in the world, or even to just stay afloat. It's tough.

But if I can give any advice to you I'd say, GO FOR IT. Who's stopping you, but you? One quote I have mentioned on this blog, in this post, speaks to me often, so I feel the need to mention it again.

"Everything you want to be you already are, and you are on the path to discovering it." -Alicia Keys

This is my path. I was born to do this, and I will do it. 2013 is weeks away, and best believe I will be releasing my music then. I hope that you all will support me on my journey, and know that now is the time to pursue your dreams as well. Don't give up, or settle for something less greater than worth. You owe yourself the best out there!!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support,


4 more years.
UO blazer (old), Kirna Zabete for Target blouse, Gap skinny trousers, Tory Burch booties (old), Super sunnies, M.A.C. lip pencil in Vino & Goes and Goes lipstick, personal jewelry
Happy Monday!

All most of the fuss has dwindled since the U.S. Presidential election is over, and for me personally, I am breathing easier and less anxiously (lol).

I tuned into Black Girls Rock last weekend, and was really inspired from it. It was a night filled with the celebration of women. I feel like I'm giving Janelle Monae with this outfit today. In her acceptance speech, she mentioned that she always wears her signature "uniform" to pay homage and respect to her parents. Her speech was really touching, you can check it out here, and view other clips from the show here.

I absolutely love this blouse! Isn't it great? I love the mixed patterns and the colors remind me of the ocean! Below are my favorite boots. I picked up these bad boys years ago, and I still wear them regularly. They're so fun, and super comfortable! Louis Vuitton has a very similar pair out now, but of course that isn't in my budget. And if it ain't broke, why fix it?

Here's another statement made by Alicia Keys that I felt was inspiring:

"Everything you want to be you already are, and you are on the path to discovering it."

I hope that was a little inspiration to get your week started! Keeping working towards your goals, you'll get there!

Oh yeah, Instagram has finally made web profiles. Here is mine if you want to check it out!

Have a great week!


Keep living.

Dress from T. J. Maxx, Anthropologie sweater, Michele watch

You ever hear of the term "5-year plan" or "10-year plan?"  Well, I'm the queen of making plans.  Goals, guidelines, plans, lists, deadlines... I seem to always have them for every aspect of my life.  While it's good to have plans and goals, sometimes getting wrapped up in "following the plan" can cause a lot of stress, and could also close your mind to other possible opportunities that can equally give you experience for growth, even if it's in a field you never once considered working.

There's a phrase that goes something like, "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans."  Although I've heard this a million times before, I still somehow make an attempt to map out basically my whole life!  I'll state that I'll be doing this by this age, or living there by that month, but I'm realizing that everything happens for a reason, and when it's time for me to be here or there, that's where I'll be.

Half of my heart is pulsing to the beat of New York City, but the other half of my heart is still home.  I want to go back to school, but now may not be the right time.  My point is, even if my life seems like a big ? right now, I have to keep living.  I may not be at the place I thought I'd be almost a year post graduating college, but as long as I keep living with a purpose, I truly believe I will get there someday.

As for some good news, I'll be working on some great music projects (that I was fortunately asked to be a part of), and will fill you guys in on it hopefully soon!  

Remember guys, everyone dies, but not everyone lives!  Keep living!


This weather has been such a drag (RuPaul reference)!!  But all I ask is it be nice on my birthday weekend.  I mean, it's not for another few weeks, but I'm speaking it into existence ahead of time.  That is all I want! lol

Since my official decision to choose NYC vs. LA, I've been applying for full-time jobs in NYC for the past few days intensely... All I can do is apply and follow-up until I get that interview k!  I will not give up!

Besides that, same routine... Work, working out, socializing on social media venues lol... Oh and I made the Facebook Page.  I hope you like it... LITERALLY.. (leaving the link below)!!

I've also been trying to "juice" more to get my daily servings of fruits and veggies.  I make good juice ya'll!  I can make kale, broccoli, apples, & carrots taste delightful!

The juicer actually does all the work, but hey, I come up with some pretty cool combos!

No outfit post today, but next post will definitely include one :)  I wanted to add some photos that have been giving me life lately:

I'm gna rock the natural hair all summah long baby!
I really want to do dye my hair, but I'm a wuss!
I love me some Julia Styles and I think this top is so awesome haha.  I figure this photo was taken in the late 1990's.
Willy Cartier.  Get to know him.
My mother's HS graduation photo.  She didn't smile because she had braces LOL!  I'm going to grow my hair this large one day!
I really want to try this hairstyle.  It looks hott on her!

I've also been obsessing over gel manicures.  It is a polish that can be applied on your natural nail that is dried by a UV light in like 5 minutes.  And it lasts for a good 2 weeks!  I only get it done every 2 weeks because my nails grow out by then.  Here's a pic of how bomb it looks, PLEASE EXCUSE THE ASH:

-gel manicures (as discussed).  Uh-mazing.
-gaudy jewelry (I'm loving statement fashion jewelry pieces more and more each day).
-Blogger makes your pictures look like ish and grainy and gross.  I will be uploading via Photobucket from here on out.
-making short-term goals keep me hungry and always striving to achieve something greater than myself.
-I want to change my banner and my whole blog layout, so work with me here while I get it together lol 


(inspiration images via tumblr)

Homage to Malik Sidibe
Inspiration can be derived from anything and everything.  One can be inspired by the light that comes through their window each morning, the color blue, their family, the trees... I find myself always looking for inspirational things to keep me going, especially when I'm feeling "stuck." Not knowing where I'll be living by the end of summer, or if I'll be hired by a prospective employer can be pretty darn stressful, but I always cope with these emotions by finding outlets to keep my spirit alive and happy!

This shoot was inspired by Malik Sidibe.  Sasha introduced me to this amazing photographer who is most known for his black and white captures of the 1960's pop culture scene in Bamako, Mali.  I read in an article that he was the "Cobrasnake of Bamako" haha!  Nonetheless, I will share with you the photos we derived inspiration from, then show you our translation of that.

Wearing vintage pieces from my mother's personal collection.

I started this blog 4 months ago, and just by having it has exposed me to so many inspirational images, like-minded individuals, people that I never thought I would connect with, beautiful ideas, and more... A community of young adult women and men that are searching for the inspiration that will carry them through the rest of their lives.

"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.  Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. "  -Helen Keller

Be inspired!  Think about what inspires you :)