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Neon Neon.

How does it feel to know that today is the last day of summer?  To be quite honest, Fall is my favorite season, so I really don't mind...
Spiegel dress, H&M cropped blazer, Target leopard belt, Michael Kors watch, Franco Sarto sandals.
Funny story about this dress.  My mom wanted my opinion on an outfit she was going to wear to shoot at a wedding she had booked for that weekend.  I didn't like the ensemble she had going (involving this neon dress), but as soon as I was exposed to this fabulous dress, I forced her to let me try it on.  I ran into my closet, slapped on the waist belt, threw the cropped blazer over it, strapped on the sandals, and BOOM.    It was all mine (at least for the day).  She obviously ended up going for a different outfit (I think it was more fitting for the occasion Mother) lol.  Thanks Mom (I still haven't returned the dress)!

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My bestie Lei snapped these photos of me yesterday.  It was good to see her as always, and it was such a gorgeous day!

Here's my latest youtube video (product review).  Check it out!

Happy Friday!


Black & Gold

Big hair don't care!  Well, actually, my hair wasn't THIS puffy when I first got it straightened, but humidity immediately kicked in (as soon as I stepped out the salon) and went to work on my hair lol... But it's still cute I think!

I filled you guys in on everything in my last post, and I'm still off of a high from all the great changes in my life!  Summer has been the jam, and this weekend will be as well!
 I'm headed to Firefly Music Festival, a 3-day music festival in Delaware, featuring loads of bands and artists!  I'm most excited to see The Black Keys, John Legend, Allen Stone, Lupe Fiasco, and Girl Talk, just to name a few!  The festival will also have a vineyard, hot air ballon rides, and an arcade... It's gonna be crazy!  I'm going with a coworker of mine, and we're camping!  Now.  I'm not exactly the "camping type," and I'd obviously choose a hotel over camping (but they were all booked), sooo, this was my only option.  I've been really nervous about the whole non-showering, dirty hippie thing, but I'm bringing TONS of baby wipes, and other toilet trees/hand sanitizing, disinfecting materials, haha!

Hair wise, I'm keeping it NATURAL obvi, but I plan to take loads of pictures, and will keep u guys updated via twitter and instagram (@krisbliss), so make sure you follow me!

On to the outfit, I saw this dress on Zara's site and immediately gasped!  I love it!  I feel like a modern day Tina Turner (although she is timeless) with this leather fringe number!  The top is from F21, as well as the necklace, and the shoes are Rachel Roy.  Another new addition, the gold wrap bracelet, was one I picked up at a local boutique.  My new favorite!

I gotta get back to my check off list for Firefly... I still have a little more shopping to do before the weekend! 



Hey guys!  Like my pants?  Yes they're pants, not a skirt!  I picked these up over at Loose Threads Boutique.  I absolutely love their stuff! 

So much has happened since my last post!  All great things too!  Hmm, where do I start.... 

Well, I finally landed a big girl job!!  Finally, two years after graduating college, I have landed a career oriented job!  I don't want to put alllll my bidness in the streets, but let's just say, I'll be working in "marketing" and "music..." Two things I love to do!  And I also got a brand new whip to get me to and from this new job (and of course anywhere else I would like to go!!).  Things are finally falling into place!  I am oh so grateful!

It's been a looonnnnnng journey getting to this point.  I kept my values, and continued to work hard.  I never gave up, and God made it happen!  I prayed on this every single night (landing a job), continued to trust in Him, and He made it happen for me!  There had been so many opportunities prior to this one that just didn't work out, or fell through, or turned out not to be the right fit for me, but I never stopped looking.  I'm not trying to get all preachy on y'all, but seriously, having faith is so important!  Because I never stopped trying, I finally found the right opportunity for me!  I want to say a big THANK YOU to all my family and friends, who have been so supportive of me through this process.  Thank you so much!!

On a lighter note, here is what I've been up to (since once again I haven't been posting on TKB regularly)...

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... Lots of eating, pooling, trips to NYC...

I had a mini reunion with some college friends this past June, and we met up at Brooklyn Bowl to see Solange do a dj set.  We had a blast!  I wore this exact outfit actually, but I kept tripping over my pants when walking up steps.  I almost busted my arse the second time I tripped... I'm sure people thought I was twisted, but nope.  It was just me being clumsy haha!

Wearing AA cropped sleeveless top, Loose Threads pants, Rachel Roy heels

I also think I celebrated the 4th of July holiday a little too hard this time around.  I attended 3 BBQ's, and ate each time like it was my last meal.  Not cute.  I'm cutting back on the cals next week to balance out my food rage.  Maybe a couple push ups and crunches wouldn't hurt either LOL.

lol @ my face.
Summer has been good to me so far, and I am really excited to start my new job next month!  And with a new car, I'll have to unfortunately decrease my spending (I will Mom, promise!!)... Kris is growing up.  I'm so ready!

Happy Friday!