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These shoes.  My new favorite pair of shoes, no doubt.  When I saw them on my Zara app on my iPhone, I immediately posted them to Facebook to get everyone's opinion.  Either way, I knew ultimately that I had to have them!

I premiered these gold beauties at work this past weekend and got rave reviews from guests at work, as well as my co-workers.  My co-workers are used to my ever-changing style, and all they did was laugh and say, "Only you Kristin."  They liked the shoes though, but I kept getting called "Michael Jackson" for some reason..... lol.
I've been a big fan of the top bun lately.  It's super easy and looks so classy imo.
Maybe this is why people kept calling me Michael Jackson lol...
Wearing a sweater from Gap, blouse from American Apparel, pants from Gap, Zara shoes, lips MAC lip liner in "vino."

I'm off to a photo shoot this afternoon, where I will be modeling a vintage bridal dress.  It's gorgeous!  I posted a pic to twitter the other day, but I definitely will be sharing with you all proofs from the shoot!  I'm a little nervous and very excited. :)  This evening I'm being taken to see Esperanza Spalding in concert which will be the perfect ending to my eventful day!  It's crazy seeing her on campus just like any other normal Berklee student like myself, to viewing her on live television winning a Grammy, to watching her onstage tonight as the amazing, beautiful, and talented artist she has become!  Wow!


And the award goes to...
Is Winter over yet??  I'm so over it!  Thankfully the snow is starting to melt, and soon I'll see what grass looks like again.  However, it's supposed to be 63 degrees on Friday so that is something to look forward to!  Woo hoo!!

Valentine's Day was a couple days ago, and I had work.  I'm single, but I still like the holiday either way lol.  I actually don't own the color red, so while everyone had on red, I was wearing beige, turquoise, and creme.  I know the color red looks great on me, but for some reason, I don't like to wear it.  Weird huh?  The closet thing to red I own is a red wash cloth!

(These photos were taken pre-winter)
Wearing: H&M sweater, F21 maxi skirt, Dolce Vita boots
The Grammy's were also the other night, and as we all know, the big upset was when Esperanza Spalding won Best New Artist over Justin Bieber.  I honestly didn't think she had a chance over those crazy Beliebers, but I was so happy for her, almost in tears!  She went to Berklee as well as I, and she was a normal musician just like the rest of us.  When I got to school she had just graduated and was actually working for Berklee, and I would see her walking around campus carrying her huge upright bass with her.  She was very friendly and always wearing a smile.  If she can make it, so can we!  Let's uplift not demolish!

Frenchie Davis said it best on twitter yesterday:
"Um, not knowing who Esperanza Spalding is doesn't make her a nobody... It makes YOU musically ignorant... Again, I implore you to go sit down."

Justin Bieber fans have been verbally assaulting Esperanza through twitter, hacking her Wikipedia page, etc.  It's really over the top...  Maybe they should check out her music and see all that she's done before attacking her.  At the end of the day she is a human being, and people need to treat her as such, whether they agree or disagree with her winning the Grammy.  I think Justin Bieber is great, and definitely deserved to win just as much as she, if not more... But clearly the artists weren't judged solely on record sales (which is a good thing).  He's like 12, he's got plenty of years for Grammy's to come his way!

I don't know what's going on with the top of my head in these pics but...

What are your thoughts on this years Grammy Awards, especially in regards to the Esperanza vs. Bieber controversy?


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