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Beyond the Rainbow


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The past month or so has been a month of growth. I'm growing into my adulthood and my womanhood and I'm accepting it with open arms. It's very comforting and exciting to see yourself mature seamlessly. Of course we all have our "moments," but I'm proud of the woman I'm becoming, and it inspires me to keep growing and living!

 I also know I'm getting older because all I want to do on the weekends is catch up on sleep lol. #old

Recently I went home for my Pop Pop's funeral. I never talk about any personal things on social media, but people who know me personally know how much my Pop Pop meant to me, and it's only natural that I share a little bit of him with you. 

He lived 91 years- 91 years! And he was a man of few words, wise in his old age, with strong opinions (we bumped heads sometimes because we were the same in that way), but he always provided me with anything I needed. ANYTHING. All I had to do was ask. He helped me get my first car, pay off college loans, and get my first NYC apartment. I wouldn't be where I am without that man! He was a lover of music, like I, and he was always playing music on his radio (always on the top 40's station) lol. I would always tweet about how I would come home and hear Katy Perry blasting from his room!

We'd also talk about hot topics like Kanye West or Beyonce lol. We would have a LOT to discuss with this new Beyonce album. Yes Lord! (I've been


non-stop about Beyonce if you're interested to know my thoughts on the album lol)

Anyway, I miss him a lot, but I know he's resting in peace with my grandmother.


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Nine West


On another note, I'm still working on my music, and it's coming along! It's such a lengthy process because I am a songwriter, so some of the songs I write aren't necessarily ones I'd sing... Anywho, I'm hoping to start performing around NYC early next year. I'm going to invite you to shows, so ya'll better come! Ha!

Speaking of shows, my co-worker convinced me to go to see Beyonce at Barclay's on Sunday. It's her last US date, and I'm pretty sure Jay-Z is going to be there. I saw her with my cousin this past July on the same tour, and it was pretty great. I'm ecstatic this time around because I just know she is going to perform some of her new material. I'll probably faint, but someone will record it just incase LMAO.

Knowing me, this will be my last post of 2013, and I will say that overall, 2013 has been a fantastic year. I was able to do everything I wanted to do this year. I saved money, moved to NYC, got a job, started working on my own music... It's been exciting and humbling, and I'm very grateful to have received all these great opportunities. I'm looking forward to 2014, and I know it's going to be an even better year!

What are you looking forward to in the new year?


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When 1 +1 = 3.
First things first.


I'll give you a moment to take that in (actually, the moment is more so for me).
Bey dropped the great news on us yesterday evening during MTV's Video Music Awards.  I immediately started jumping up and down like a 5-year-old kid on Christmas Day while tweeting & screaming simultaneously in excitement with Leilani.  I then proceeded to call all my girlfriends in continuous screaming all the way through Gaga's opening act.  Oops.  Lol.

Bey's performance was flawless and she was glowing!  

"I want you to feel the love that's growing inside of me!" -Beyonce

My heart literally melted when she spoke those words during her performance!  The cameras kept zooming in on Jay-Z in the audience and I've NEVER IN MY LIFE seen him SO joyful!  I couldn't stop smiling!  I was seriously holding back tears!

My photographer mom took the pics in this post.  Wearing a romper from F21.
A lot of my friends were texting me stating that I was the first person they thought of when they found out the news haha!  I hope it's a boy!!

Speaking of boys, they make up most of my best and worst dressed list.

Best Dressed: 1. Kid Cudi.  He was looking so fly with that black and gold vest!  Unfortunately, the only pic I could find doesn't do his 'fit justice! :( 2. Justin Bieber.  Besides the red hot pants and the leopard print sneakers, he was truly rockin that YSL pin on his blazer! #swag
Worst Dressed: 1. Drake lookin' like a chunky Swiss Roll.  That grandpa sweater was a fail.  It was ill-fitting too, and I found myself uncomfortably looking at him dressed like that smh.  Here is a video of him presenting (you can see the catastrophe in motion). 2. Nicki Minaj -______- #speechless

I did my own hair, and decided to try something new, so I flat twisted the sides then pinned up the back.  On the top I did a two-strand twist, bantu knot-out.  Sounds confusing huh lol?  Do you like it?

I found Kanye to be in a very humble, calm and collected mood which was nice to see (I am also a big fan of Kanye), and I overall enjoyed the VMA's this year.  Jay & Bey are such a powerhouse and so inspirational, it literally made my night.  I was a little confused by Gaga, and she actually started to scare me as she progressed in her role as a man (lookin like a broke off Ralph Macchio circa The Karate Kid).  Lei thought Tyler the Creator's (who won a moon man for Best New Artist) mom was wearing a catsuit which was confusing because she wasn't, and I almost fell off the couch when Tyler started Harlem Shaking on stage, then basically fell into a death dive right after.  However, Tyler's acceptance speech was a hot mess.  He stated he had a message for the kids, and as he started to recite this message, all you heard was Bleep! Bleep! Bleep! because he was cursing so much you had no idea what the message was!  Chris Brown's performance was unecessary and irrelevant.  The Amy Winehouse tribute was cool, but why Bruno Mars (although he performed well)?  I also shadily liked Miley Cyrus's Roberto Cavalli dress.  Not so much on her though... 

What were your thoughts overall?


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P.S. My thoughts and prayers are still going out to everyone affected by Hurricane Irene.  Luckily my family didn't experience any damage, but for people that have damage and power outages, you are in my prayers!

My Persuasion Can Build A Nation.
Hey guys!  I know it's been awhile, but life sometimes takes me out of my regular blogging routine!  I don't have any major updates, I've just been enjoying being a young 20 something, and living life!  The weather is vastly improving and I've been soaking up the sun at every chance I get!  Is it safe to say that I'm naturally in a better mood during the summer months hehe?

In other news, I think I'm going back to school.  I don't know when, but I realize that in today's economy, having a bachelor's degree really doesn't cut it.  I want to get my masters, so I'm lowkey looking into grad schools.  Is anyone else having a tough time getting a job in their desired career field these days?  I'll keep you guys posted on my school search :)

In my last post, I discussed my opinion on my generations lack of proper dating, which seemed to cause a little buzz.  I've been heavily speaking about the subject, and relationships/interactions between the sexes not just on this blog, but with friends and fam, and actually a lot with people via twitter for like the past week lol!  It's interesting to hear people's perspectives on dating, especially in regards to women and men in their early 20's.  I enjoyed the conversation and opinions!  Thanks guys!

Wearing an UO dress, Kenneth Cole belt, Topshop silver cuff, and Nine West wedge slingbacks
I was attempting to channel my inner Beyonce by performing the choreography from her Billboard Music Awards performance of Run the World, but ended up channeling my own craziness. Smh.  Did anyone see that performance?  How amazing was she?!

I love the zipper detail and the back of this dress so much.  And I got it for 15 bucks!  Holler.

I'm headed to an album release party tomorrow which should be exciting, and I'll get to see some of my college buddies, which is always fun!  

Everyone have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and let us never forget the fallen women and men soldiers who risked their lives to serve and fight for our country, and also the ones that do each day!  We thank you!