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I love Sequin.
Hey guys!

What's new?  Nothing too new with me.  I've been enjoying these trips to NYC, and am understanding the importance of networking with each established relationship..  Easter was fun, it was great to be with the fam as usual!  It was also my cousin's bday and he turned 20.  I'm still trying to wrap my head around that!!  Of course, the food hit the spot: grilled fish, stuffed oysters, pork, beef ribs, mac & cheese, collards, string beans, dinner rolls, etc etc.  It was so bomb!  I was too full to even eat dessert, but I made myself eat a few bites of the delicious homemade cheesecake my aunt made!  The weather was beautiful, it reached 86 degrees, but did end with a huge storm lol.

I've been freestyling with my hair lately, and I am really liking how it's been turning out!

I'm loving this floral sequined top from ASOS

My birthday is this weekend, May 1st, and I have no idea what I'm doing.  One of my bff's Sasha informed me that dinner was involved with "other people," I guess meaning a group, but I have no idea where.  So I guess I'm just doing as I'm told.  I'm pretty excited.  I love food, and all I really want to do for my bday is to get a mani/pedi and to wear something cute  for dinner of course! 

I was also officially featured (for the first time ever) by the lovely Folake of Style Pantry.  Her site and her style are both AMAZING and I am so honored to be featured on her site!  Please check it out here! :)