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Rollin' in the club with some scrubs.
Friday night was VERY festive.  I ended up going out with Sasha, then meeting up with a couple friends at a local bar.  Now, this bar is known to be on the "sketchy" side.  Not sketchy in a dangerous way, but sketchy as in the people that frequent there.  It's a weird mix of 45+ year olds, college kids, 21-30 somethings like myself, and the occasional 60+ year old individuals whom have no business being out at a bar at midnight.

My friends and I roll up to this place, nothing's going on, but the dj is pretty good, so we start dancing.  I also told the dj that he MUST play some Nate Dogg in honor of his recent departure from this earth (R.I.P. Nate Dogg).  Of course it only takes a few people to start dancing (aka us), then everyone else joins in.  Everything was going smoothly until the first creepster enters the picture:

Subject 1: Short man in scrubs.  Yes, scrubs, like a nurse's scrubs.  As if he got off work from the hospital and went straight to the bar to get his groove on.  My girls and I were the only ones really dancing, so he and his two female friends start dancing, but then he starts dancing with us.  At first it was "Cute, haha, you're older, and tryna get down with some youngsters, get it!"  But then it was like, "Dude, chill, relax, please leave my personal space, thanks."

And he wasn't even into us like that *flips hand into limp position* but it was still a lot.  We literally had to run from him at one point!

Subject 2: Random grimey dude that hit on me, then hit on my friend right next to me, then hit on me again, ending with him literally chasing us down the street asking for our numbers.  I wasn't drinking that night (thank goodness), there was so much going on.

Welcome to my life in the suburbs.

After that we headed to a friends apartment and had a post-bar dance party, which was hilariously funny.  We had such a fun night, one for the books!
Another look from the "Backdrop Series."  Wearing F21 top, vintage jewelry + gold chain belt (worn as a necklace) Blazer from Soho boutique for $10, Gap jeans + belt,  and Dolce Vita boots

I was rapping Nicki's verse from "Monster" in this shot haha.  I really need to monitor the stank faces in my posts.  It can be a lot, I know...

My legs look stumpy in this pic... *Kanye shrug*

This past week I've also come to the conclusion that thrifting isn't for me.  I've tried a handful of times, and it's always a fail.  I have no patience for that kind of thing.  That is why online shopping works.  I know what I want, I search for it, and I find it.  Of course the occasional mall visit is enjoyable as well ;)

Besides that, I've been on the job hunt.  I can say that I'm getting closer, but not quite there.  Hopefully I'll be able to share some exciting news with you soon... (hopefully)!


P.S. Today is the second day of Spring, and I woke up to an inch of snow  -__-