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Inspiration: Black & White [No Color Necessary]

Fashion is going back to the basics. Spring '13 and Pre-Fall '13 (whatever the heck that means) are taking things back to black... and white. Last Spring was so extra with the neons and the color blocking (I loved every bit of it), but this year they (whoever's calling the shots... Wait who exactly is calling the shots?? Am I supposed to know the answer to that?) are stripping everything down, and I'm liking it. No, I'm LOVING it. It's classic, timeless, and it looks great on EVERYBODY. Yes universally sound fashion trends! Diane, Marc, Jill, Calvin, Stella, and Prada (to name a bunch) are all blessing us with their designs for the upcoming seasons, and it's even more fun to see how street style incorporates high fashion and makes it their own, which I find most inspiring! Are you participating in the black & white minimalist trend? Here's some of my favorite b&w looks!

You could easily throw a little pop of color into your look...


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