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23, free to be.
I had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday this past weekend.  My birthday was May 1st, but I celebrated (for the most part) on Saturday night.  The besties Sasha and Leilani took me out to a lovely restaurant, and afterwards met up with some of our girlfriends to do some bar hopping!

Leilani picked me up, and my mom took pictures of us before dinner.
I called this outfit "Latin Heat" lol

My mom bought me this awesome jacket for my bday :)

I'm basically about to bomb you guys with a slew of pics, but give me a pass cuz it was my bday, k? 

I've realized that I love big hair.  I used to live in Texas, so that may have been an influence hehe

Leilani was shutting it down as usual...
Before Leilani picked me up I...

1. Got lash glue in my left eye which resulted in instant swelling and a bloodshot eye

2. Spilled a bottle of nail polish all over my bathroom floor (and partially on my carpet) because I was rushing to paint my nails

3.  Decided I will never try to apply my own falsies ever again.  #traumatizing 

We met up with Sasha and the restaurant, and I totally forgot to not only take pictures of her (she looked great!!!) but a picture of all three of us!  What the heck was I thinking?  But I also accidentally left my iPhone at home, so I was kind of a hott mess the whole day haha.  Next time we go out, I'm taking pictures of the trio!!

Leilani won't know this until she reads this, but Sasha and I have renamed her "Emolani."  

My lovely friend Tatiana met us for dinner too!

It's time for the food pics!

I didn't have my phone, so I took over Tati's to tweet occasionally lol.  Thanks Tati!

After dinner we went bar hopping.  There were 7 of us girls, we always have a great time together, so it was effortless fun!

Club Stories:

1. I was known that night in all the bars as "The girl in the hot pink pants" haha.  They're RED (but in the club, you couldn't really see that).

2.  There was this random 45+ year old "Rasta Man" whipping his dreads in the middle of the dance floor, in house slippers, at the club all night, who unfortunately kept hitting on me.

3. My hair was a big hit, no pun intended, as many men randomly came up to me to comment on my hair.  The bigger the better!

Yesterday,  (my actually bday), was VERY relaxing.  I just chilled, watched movies with Mom.  Sasha came over for a bit,  I watched my Celtics play in Game 1 against Miami (although we lost... Not sweatin it), and had dinner + dessert with my parents at the crib.  

I am blessed.