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Writings on the Wall
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When did it become cliche to write on someone's Facebook wall? I've noticed the drastic decrease in traditional wall posts on fb lately. You'll have a few folks who still write on walls, unaware of the new anti-wall trend because they only access their pages a couple times a month, or it'll be that random (usually older) family member... But when we do write on people's wall, it's usually about ourselves. "Hey, check out my ________," or "Watch this funny YouTube video," which IS most of the time, pretty funny. But is it ever in genuine interest of the person whose wall you are writing on? It usually has nothing to do with the actual person, but about yourself. Furthermore, the few times you do write on a "friend's" wall, it pops up on everyone and their mama's timeline "IN THE NEWS" style, and sometimes you get unwanted commenters on a conversation that has nothing to do with them. What about online etiquette? People feel completely comfortable telling all their personal business, posting drama driven Facebook statuses, or other inappropriate pictures that nobody wants to see. Facebook is also NOT a diary.

Which brings me to Facebook inbox messaging. FB messaging is like the new wall post. If you have something you feel is worthy of posting beyond your own benefit or something that you don't necessarily want other commenters on, you message it. That's the safest way. Transactions such as trading phone numbers, spitting game (smh), or swapping info for future networking/business opportunities take place there. Totally acceptable. 

However, I think FB has turned into an unrealistic way for people to connect without actually connecting. For instance, I can be FB friends with someone that I went high school with, not ever talk to them (barely talked to them in hs), but know that they have a child, work here, just got a new car, and are going on vacation to Cancun on Spring Break. Isn't that a bit odd? OR, someone you don't know that's a "friend of a friend" can subscribe to your public updates and comment/like/share them. I also find that odd. I just feel that Facebook supports unrealistic and inappropriate forms of communication, which is another reason why my generation has trouble communicating with actual human beings in real life. Then that brings me back to this and this post.

But anyway, enough about social media problems, you know my life is full of social media- personal and work wise, and sometimes I think of these things and like to share my thoughts... On another note, I attended a natural hair meet-up in my area the other night, and it was really fun! Most of the ladies were newly natural, so it was cool sharing my experience, tips, and products based on many years trial and error lol. Oh to be newly natural again...

It's also my parents 27th year anniversary! Congratulations you two, love you more than the world itself!

Until next time!

The L Word.
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Valentine's Day is exactly one week away.  Now, some of you may cringe at the thought, some of you are smiling with excitement while reading this, and others indifferent to the whole "love celebration."  But what's wrong with reserving a day to showcase your love for someone?  Why is Valentine's Day considered "cliche" or even referred to as "Singles Awareness Day?" Ok, so maybe in current times, the holiday is promoted heavily for the mass production of greeting cards, but let us not take away its original intent!   Some of you do not like Valentine's Day because you are bitter.  Don't be bitter.  I mean, you probably have a reason why you're bitter, but let's try to turn that frown upside down!  Channel your energy in a positive manner by showing some love!  If you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend, no worries!  Do a little exchange with your best friend, or someone in your family!  Show them how much you love and appreciate them!  Saint Valentine wouldn't want it any differently! 

To be honest, this will be my first year celebrating Valentine's Day with someone besides my mom and dad (LOL), and I'm excited about it!  

If you're still looking for Valentine's Day gift ideas, I got you!  Yes you can always buy your love jewelry, go out to dinner, see a movie, concert or show, but I wanted to share with you some CREATIVE and INEXPENSIVE ideas for those of us whom are on a tighter budget! 

(All of these ideas can be applied to either sex)

For HER:

Message in a bottle: Decorate a unique-looking jar or box with craft items.  Write numerous love notes on small pieces of paper & fill the jar with them.  Present the jar to your sweetheart.
Write "I love you because..." notes and insert them into Red/White/Pink transparent balloons.  Blow up the balloons and spread them throughout the room for your Valentine to pop & capture each message!

Photo Collage/Make a gift from a memory:  As you obviously know, I'm a big fan of photography (hence this blog), and I love to capture moments for future memories.  Find a nice, but affordable frame (Try a HomeGoods or similar store that has quality, but discounted prices), and frame your favorite photo of you and the boo! Don't know where to print your picture?  Walmart or CVS is always an easy option, and very inexpensive!

Chocolates & Flowers:  If you plan ahead, this can be a relatively affordable gift, rather than waiting until the day of Valentine's Day to purchase!  Supermarket florists are usually a lot cheaper than florist shops/online floral delivery services, and if you order in advance & pay up front, you'll most likely miss the increase of prices for V-Day!  As for the chocolate, get your boo something rich and creamy!  Leave out the Hershey's kisses this time around!

Treasure Hunt of Love: Write a few poems, wrap chocolates inside, meaningful photos etc., and hide them around the house.  It may even be cool to choose a theme for the treasure hunt.  Each find should contain a clue to finding the next one.  Make sure the final clue lands your mate where you would like to spend the rest of the evening! ;)

For HIM:

Spa Day:  Create an at-home day spa for your mate.  Buy a basket and fill it with inexpensive candles, rose petals, & massage oil.  Set up your "spa area" and give him a nice long body rub.  When the massage is almost done, take a moment to heat up some towels in the dryer for a warm, fuzzy, & happy ending!

All About the Boo: Make the entire day full of his favorites: the breakfast of his dreams, Netflix his favorite tv show, play his fav music, etc... Don't say anything about it, just continue to surprise him for fun!!

Restaurante de Casa: Bring the restaurant home!  Set up your table with a white table cloth with cutlery settings and glasses (as if you were out dining at a restaurant), and even make a "dinner menu" including what you'll be serving your Valentine!  Ex: "Entree: Spaghetti & Meatballs made with passion and love for you"  Also, title the name of your restaurant at the top of the menu.  Have fun with it, and be creative!

Love Letter: In the morning, tuck mini love notes in his pocket or wallet (and other easy to find places).  Jot down some meaningful words on a piece of paper "Cant' wait to see you tnite" "You make me happy"  "I can't wait to hold you" "I love you so much,"  and wait for it to be discovered during the day!  Although this gesture is on the smaller scale, it can be very meaningful for the receiver, and could be a nice addition to something else you have planned for your special Valentine!

"I'm a lover not a fighter." -Michael Jackson