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I find it hard to blog when I don't have any official updates or exciting news to share.  But that's life.  Not every day is an exciting one, and I guess that will push me to be more creative with my posts, right?  Anywho, as you know, I took a sojourn in NYC last weekend.  I was there for a meeting for potential job opps.  I was able to do a bit of networking and am meeting with someone from Universal Music Group sometime in the next week or so.  So we'll see...

In other news, my lovely friend Shawna is planning to come stay with me this weekend from the city, and I'm so excited as I have the whole weekend planned!  I really want to make an itinerary (more so for myself than her), but I'm stopping myself from doing so.  I know.  A LOT.  No worries, I'll be taking loads of pics to make up for the lack of outfit pics from the last two posts.  Thanks for being patient guys!  xo

Here are the pics I took whilst in the city:

I always hit that Dean & Deluca for a quick bite to eat

The lovely Shawna

She lives in Central Park West :)

"Always hold the pole on a moving train." I found this hilarious.  I feel bad for that lady, she was doing her best to act like she didn't notice me taking pictures in her direction.

I walked around by myself for a little bit, vibin to Frank Ocean.  Good stuff.

This is actually not chalk, but sand.  He was dropping it from his hand.  Pretty talented!
The meeting was with a family friend, we met at Republic in Union Square.  
I didn't want the person I met with to think I was a creep, so I snuck and took a pic while he was in the restroom hehe

I got to reunite with my lovely friend Arianna whom I haven't seen in like 4 years!  I also got the meet the lovely Anael, after talking through twitter for like... Years!  lol.  They're so fab, love you guys! xo
They both blog and tweet like I!
Ari: twitter & tumblr
Anael: twitter & tumblr

I had the pleasure of meeting up with my boo David as well! He's on twitter too! 
I had a pounding headache so I didn't drink anything...

The next morning I met Shawna at work for a complimentary breakfast (lol), then headed home!

Overall, it was a pretty fun trip, and I'll be back for another meeting soon.  I'm keeping the faith as usual! 

My birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks, and I'm trying to figure out what to do... Something lowkey...

I am also having so much fun with the facebook page!  I'm loving the interaction!  Join me here.