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Touch My Body
We all know it's harder to keep your skin glowing and hydrated in the wintertime. It can suck even more (if you live in cooler climates) that you have to keep your arms and legs covered for almost six months straight! Meanwhile, your skin isn't getting the attention that it needs!........ No bueno. If you're nostalgic for that summer glow, and want to keep your skin softer than a baby's behind all year long, I may have a couple tricks up my sleeve to make that happen!

I want to share with you all what I do to keep my skin soft, clear, and smooth!

Face to Face:
I started using the Origins skin care product line beginning in high school, and have been using it ever since!  I have really sensitive skin, and I have never had a single issue with any of their products.  Here is what I use on a regular basis:

Checks and Balances: You want a daily cleanser that cleanses well, but gentle enough not to leave your skin feeling dull and parched.  This frothy cleanser targets both oily and dry skin, and leaves my face feeling so fresh and so clean clean. *the little green tube was a free sampler, still testing it out :)
A Perfect World: is my absolute favorite product from the line.  It's hard to find a single product that totally moisturizes my skin.  This moisturizer has a thick consistency, and is made with White Tea that gives your face an almost silky feel.  After applying this product, my skin has a nice glow, and no need to re-apply!  Your face will feel good as new until the next time you wash!
Have a Nice Day: Even in the winter your skin is exposed to the UV rays from the sun, and it's important to protect your skin from them!  This super charged moisture cream has SPF 15 Sunscreen.  It also has a light grapefruit scent that wakes you up (good for the morning)!  I use a little bit of this after I apply A Perfect World.
Ginger Body Scrub: This is becoming a favorite of mine.  I've been looking for a scrub/exfoliator for awhile, and I was so happy to stumble upon this one!  I have used it a few times, and I love it!  I use it after bathing, and the scent from the sweet ginger alone makes me happy! The sea salt removes the dead skin, and the mixture of oils in the scrub leave your skin very smooth with a nice sheen.  (Don't forget to use this on the bottoms of your feet)!

Modern Friction: I use this gentle dermabrasion on my face a couple times a week when I need to be refreshed!  Microdermabrasion can be so harsh on the skin (no one under 45 needs to be using it, in my opinion), and Modern Friction is a safer and gentler alternative that gives great results!  I immediately notice a difference in the clarity of my skin after one use!

For the Body:

You don't have to spend tons of money to have healthy and radiant skin!  I have been using these products since I was a child, and have no plans to change that fact!

Eucerin: I have eczema, and as a child, my breakouts were pretty bad.  This was the ONLY lotion that could moisturize my skin/dry patches.  It has a thick, creamy consistency, and your skin will stay hydrated throughout the day.  It can be a bit pricy for body lotion, but it's worth the cost.  TRUST.
Johnson & Johnson's Baby Oil: We all know about baby oil, whether we use it or not.  And I have to tell you, you don't have to be a baby to use it!  Here's one of my tricks to keeping my skin moisturized (especially during the winter).  After showering and rinsing off, don't towel dry.  Immediately after stepping out the shower, apply the baby oil to your entire body.  If you still are a little wet, blot dry those areas with your towel.  Proceed with applying lotion to your entire body, as you normally would.  You're now left with extremely soft skin, with a nice little glow.  Watch out now!
Palmer's Cocoa Butter, Swivel Stick: Cocoa Butter anything is one of the best ways to eliminate a scar or dark mark, and I use this swivel stick anywhere I need to!  Don't forget about your lips, I frequetly use this as a lip balm.
Vaseline: Vaseline is a household item that some people don't use to its fullest potential!  I make sure I coat my lips with this stuff every night before going to bed.  I don't know if anything will ever hydrate my lips like vaseline does lol!  If you've run out of makeup remover, and your facial wash isn't cutting it, try applying a little vaseline to the area, and wipe off with a soft tissue (especially for eye makeup)!  Ladies/Men with dry feet?  When getting ready for bed, coat your feet with vaseline, then wrap your feet in saran wrap overnight.  The saran wrap helps your feet retain moisture, and the next day you'll be doing the Moonwalk just like MJ!  If the saran wrap is too xcore, just throw on a pair of socks!

*Origins line can be purchased here, and they have physical store locations, and are sold in select department stores.  Their products are not tested on animals nor contain: Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, PABA, Petrolatum, Paraffin, DEA, Synthetic Fragrance, Animal Ingredients.  All body care products can be found at your local Target, Walmart, or Grocery store.*

Thanksgiving is a few days away, and I'm excited to have some family time!  What are you thankful for this year?