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Photo Diary: 9/26/11
The trio, consisted of Sasha, Leilani, and myself always make Monday nights our night.  "Monday is the new Friday" Sasha always says, so we always plan to go out Monday nights to catch up from the weekend, the latest gossip, and ultimately to spend some time together in the midst of our busy schedules!

Sasha had an extra disposable camera, so we took it out and took some pics with it.  A handful didn't come out, but the ones that did you will be seeing shortly lol...

This is NOT an outfit post, just some fun pics I wanted to share... Enjoy!

Random picture of my kitty Akbar...
And the faces begin...
Girl talk!!!
Me looking like a ghost.  #overexposure
We're really great dancers... No, but we actually are lol.
Let me introduce you to this man.  We don't know his name, but we always run into him!  The first time we met him was at the very same bar we were at on this night by bumping into him on the dance floor gettin' it in his hospital scrubs.   Like he literally must've come straight from the hospital to the bar haha!
The next time we ran into him on the street, we said hello, and he had no idea who we were.  We then went on to explain the whole "scrubs in the club" scenario, and he was so embarrassed!  But on this night he was really going HAM on us for no reason!  He called Leilani Whitney Houston and started singing, "I Will Always Love You," and kept insulting me/telling me how beautiful I was.  It was all so strange!  He also was plotting to turn the bar we were at into a whore house, and wanted Sasha to be his business partner... *side eye*

I had convinced him and two inocent bystanders named "Chico" and "Carlito" that my name was Kristin Waka Flockawitz and told him I was half Jewish (of course they believed me).  But I eventually told them my alias was all a lie lol...  In situations like those, you gotta keep yourself laughing!
This is the only up to date picture of all of us smiling like normal people... I'm pretty sure...
Semi outfit pic!
What my nights out usually consist of... I'm not much of a drinker!  But I'm always tweeting about my adventures!

Hope you enjoyed the pics!