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For Colored Girls
TGIF!  But wait...

Today has been... A LOT.  I woke up around 8a.m. to my father telling me that my mom wanted me to "clean."  Luckily, I only had to clean a part of the house: vaccum and dust downstairs,  Clean the bathroom off the kitchen, the kitchen, and mop the floor.  I'm like "No problem, that's easy!"

Definitely was sweatin and achin' an hour in!!!  I'm embarrassed to say this, but I've never actually "mopped" before.  I always would use the Swiffer (it's amazing) in my teeny 2x4 apartment I had in college.  Pretty simple.

With the MOP, there's a rhythm to it, from side to side.  I was listening to some Jesse McCartney (yes I listen to Jesse McCartney), and the beat was really fast, and I didn't realize it, but I was mopping to the beat, and couldn't quite keep up (hence, the struggle).  So I changed it to some chill Ryan Leslie and started groovin' and moppin' to the beat (I couldn't help it), and by that time I had the hang of it!  I just know I'm gna be sore tomorrow.  What a workout!

ANYWAY, I'm treating myself to a mani/pedi in .5 seconds, then going to see "For Colored Girls" with the besties tnite.  I bought the book, but didn't finish reading it (so I'm going to attempt to before the movie).

These are the rest of the pics from a look I featured in a previous post: here 

Don't mind my stank face... You'll get used to them :)

I told myself I would do "fun things" this weekend, so hopefully I'll come back with great stories/adventures to share!  Until then, have a safe and great weekend!

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