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Sunday Bunch.
Good morning!!!

How was everyone's weekend?  I usually don't have off Saturday evenings, so I took it to my advantage!  I went for a nice sushi dinner with my bff Sasha, then met up with a group of girlfriends to a bar/club to dance, chat, and be cute.  It was pretty fun, and there was an "eclectic" group of individuals that ranged from newly turned 21 years olds, to these two particularly older gentlemen in suits.  And by older I mean 65+.  Of course my girlfriends and I thought this was HILARIOUS and a few of them started showing the older man some attention by dancing with him!!  He legitimately looked like the old guy in the black suit that dances in the Six Flags commercials.  I was just praying he didn't have a heart attack from all of the excitement haha!

We ended up bar hopping,  eating a couple slices of pizza, sampling some gelato, and eventually going home. 

It's not too often that I do this, so I let myself have a little fun this time around :)

Thanks to everyone who gave me a shoutout and let me know they saw me in the February issue of Essence Magazine!  I felt so much love!!  You guys are great!!

I'm headed to work, then meeting up with Sasha this evening to FINALLY go see Black Swan.  Did you guys see it?  What did you think?  I've heard so many mixed reviews about the movie, but I'm a HUGE fan of Natalie Portman (ever since Anywhere But Here).  Hopefully I'll enjoy it!  I mean, the woman won a Golden Globe for it!

Wearing: Burnt orange fuzzy cardigan, Vintage Hat, Vintage Gap Belt, ASOS jeggings, Suede Dolce Vita boots

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, and have a positive start to the week!