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The Grammy Awards '12: The Re-Cap.
Baby Blue Ivy.  Ok, now that I've gotten that out of the way.... OMGEE guys!  I feel like so much has happened since my last post, which wasn't even a week ago!  Last night was the 54th Annual Grammy Awards.  Now, I am a huge fan of the Grammy's, being as I'm a musician, and this awards show is like my Super Bowl!  A lot of you follow me on twitter, and let's just say... I went IN on my opinions of everything that went down.  But let me give you a wrap of of my hits and misses, starting from the red carpet, to the performances, to the award winners, and more!


Wearing Christian Siriano, Corinne Bailey Rae looked beautiful and natural!
 Rae won a Grammy for Best  R&B Performance of her rendition of Bob Marley's "Is This Love."
I thought Kelly Ro looked GREAT in this nude Alberta Feretti number...
I also have to mention the hair.  I'm a fan!
And can we just take a moment to talk about her body?
Katy P looked elegant and classy in this sky blue Ellie Saab couture gown.
 I like the whole monochromatic look this time around.
  I feel like this toned down for her haha!
And the blue hair worked for me!  What do you guys think?
Now, this picture doesn't do this Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2012 justice!  She looked HAWT!  
You either loved it, or hated it, and I LOVED it!  
She had a great tan, and the color looked vibrant against her skin!  
Only she could pull something like this off... lol.  
Fergie also won 2 Grammy's for Best Rap/Sung Collection & Best Rap Song in "All of the Lights."
I didn't realize Paris Hilton was still relevant,
and was surprised to see her on the red carpet, but she looked stunning in this Basil Soda gown.
That's all I have to say about that *Forest Gump voice*
I was shocked to see Jessie J stand out on the red carpet.  
She's a pretty girl, but is definitely know for her powerful voice, not her fashion choices.  
Tonight she stunned us all in this sparkly Julien MacDonald number.  
She looked great moving on the red carpet, but she said the dress was heavy.  But who says you have to be pretty and practical on the red carpet?
I see you Jessie! 
Adele.  Now ya'll know I love me some Adele.  
I was heavily anticipating her performance, and she delivered!  
She started off strong and had so much energy, it was like I felt her through the television! 
I screamed and clapped each time her name was called (and it was called all 6 times) to accept a Grammy for all six of her nominations.  
She is now tied with Beyonce for most Grammy Awards accepted in one season.  
Adele is living proof that you don't have to be a gimmick or lose who you are to sell records and be successful.  
This is a real woman, who writes and sings real music, and she is very successful doing just that!  
So inspirational!


Alicia looks stunning in this Alexandre Vauthier dress and Louboutin shoes.  
There's no doubt about it.  
My jaw dropped when she stepped onto the red carpet.   
The reason why she's in the "warning" category is because of her performance.  
Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt did a tribute to Etta James, but A.Keys was off (as usual).  
She gave herself the starting pitch via the piano she was playing, and started the song acapella and was still flat!  Like how does this continue to happen?  
Bonnie sounded great, but Keys should've stuck to the keys, and let Bonnie do all the singing... *side eye*

Rihanna surprised me with this blonde mop top and very sexy and feminine dress, a collaboration with Armani himself!  She looked reinvented and fresh to me, I absolutely loved the look!  Loved the wig, it's super fun hair, and she looked like a lioness!  I would equate the wig to a party dress... Pull it out every now and then, but I wouldn't be rockin' it every weekend...  What puts Ri Ri in the "warning" category was her performance.  Now, the first half was great!  She was actually singing, and she sounded really good!  Then came the performance with Coldplay.  Now, I don't know if she was still trying to catch her breath from the first song, but she sounded a HOTT MESS!  It was very hard to listen to... Dang Ri Ri... Just when I thought you could sing live... The wig started to look less glam and more "trashy chic" once pair with the street clothes she had onstage.  Maybe she should just put that one on the shelf.

......... I am not a fan of Taylor Swift.  I think she is very talented, and a great songwriter, but she's just not my cup of chai tea latte (soy).  Now, I always get on Tay Tay because she always wears a gold sparkly dress + red lips combination ALL THE TIME.  It's soooo TIRED!  BUTTTT, can we talk about this dress???  This dress is absolutely STUNNING and she looks great in it!  A gown by Zuhair Murad, she looked absolutely incredible!  Now you're reading this and are thinking, "So whyy is SHE in the 'warning' category?"  I'm tired of her playing the whole "who meeeeee?" bit and always acting soooo surprised every time she wins an award.  It's really annoying, and apparently many on twitter thought so as well. Taylor, I'm really happy for you, and ima let you finish, but please grow up and stop it with the acts!


Robyn, how you gonna show up on a red carpet wearing a mens Hanes crew neck tee, 
and some fabric (that's supposed to be a skirt) that looks like you got it on discount from a costume shop?
Disappointing.  Like does she have friends?  
Cuz if she did, they wouldn't let her on the red carpet looking like that.  
The platform timbs were hot though! 
 But unfortunately, that didn't save the look...

It's hard to formulate words for this.  This, meaning Nicki Minaj.  Nicki and her creative team are really out there.  Minaj came on the red carpet escorted by "The Pope," wearing a humongous red Versace cape.  Very Little Red Riding hood meets the runway.  I immediately laughed when I saw her on the television, and just let it go.  The performance however, was the subject of an exorcism of one of her personalities "Roman," and had all kinds of religious imagery (her background dancers were dressed as monks), pyrotechnics..... I was not impressed, nor understood why she took it there.  I would just rather not share my thoughts.  Just no Nicki, no.  Take a lesson from Adele maybe...


I heard the devastating news of Whitney Houston Saturday night while I was in the audience of my friend's performance in The Vagina Monologues.  I was initially shocked, and very confused... I still haven't completely wrapped my head around it, honestly... It's just so very sad.  Whitney Houston had a gift like no other.  Her voice was distinguishable, warm, beautiful, she was so talented!  I looked up to her when I was little, and have always been a fan of hers, as a singer and actress!  We'll  have to remember Whitney by her great music, rememberable live performances, and her great smile and that voice, that impacted so many people!  My thoughts and prayers go out to her family, her friends, and her fans!

The Grammy Team had less than 48 hours to prepare for a tribute to honor Whitney during the show, but word caught on quickly the night before that Jennifer Hudson and Chaka Khan were to do a tribute.  There was no Chaka, but Jennifer gracefully took the stage and sang one of Whitney's most popular songs, "I Will Always Love You."  She had a flawless performance, her voice sounded strong and passionate, and I thought it was very heartfelt and lovely!  I wish it had been longer, but with such short notice, what can you do?  


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this year's Grammy's.  I was confused as to why Bruce Springsteen started the show (I know I know, we love Bruce Springsteen), but I mean..... Cyndi Lauper hopped on the red carpet lookin' like a hot mama, did ya'll see her?  I'm still trying to get used to Kelly Osbourne's hair...  LL did well as a host in my opinion, and I loved Bruno Mars energy on stage!  He's a talented guy!  Gaga skipped the red carpet, and twitter was wondering where she was, but finally saw her in the audience at that start of the show (maybe it's because she knew that last night was all about Adele).  The Beach Boys tribute was boring, and didn't do anything for me, as well as Chris Brown's performance.  I think I might have yawned while watching him onstage (Brown took home Best R&B Album).  Kanye took home 4 Grammy's, although he wasn't in attendance.  The Foo Fighters rocked the house, taking home 4 Grammy's as well (deservedly so)... I love Paul McCartney's second performance, I was jammin, and Bon Iver looked like "my 6th grade history teacher" as my bf stated, LOL!  I found a new group that I am loving from their performance last night, The Civil Wars!  I need to check them out!

My goal one day is to attend the Grammy's every year.  I had the opportunity to go a couple years ago, and it was an unforgettable experience!  I was a part of a small social media team that tweeted looks from the red carpet, as well as attended many pre-Grammy events, and post-Grammy parties!  It was so much fun!

To get a full list of who won what, click here.

So Gif-able.
I don't have an outfit post today.  I looked through some random pics last night, and saw some that I thought were so "gif-able," and wanted to share.

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4x4 gif

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I thought the Oscars this year was lovely.  Anne Hathaway & James Franco were definitely drinking during commercial breaks lol.  I don't think James's eyes were all the way open once the whole entire night haha!

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My favorite dress was Givenchy Haute Couture on Cate Blanchett. You can view it here.

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On this day my mom informed me that I looked like Boy George.

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I like to chill w my kitty Antoinette and take pics of us whilst still in my rollers.

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New discoveries:
-Kickboxing class at the gym
-Chobani Greek Yogurt
-Twitter makes the world really small

Let's make it even smaller.