Girl Around the World

Hey y’all,

I thought I’d hop on here and send an update to what’s been going on ‘Behind the Bliss’!

I just got off tour with Sam Smith, which started in August ‘2017, so it’s been a long run!

Of course we’ve had some breaks here and there, and in one of my breaks, not only was I able to squeeze in a show, but I was asked to perform on my hometown local news!


I can’t believe I wasn’t nervous- not one bit! It was an amazing experience, and I felt like I was in my element! I’ve performed on tv many times, yet, this was me, singing, my own music. A very powerful moment for me!!

Below are some photos from the solo show I had at Vino Vibes, which was hosted by Simone Ellove King at City Winery in NY. It was a great crowd, and I was shown some love, which is always a nice thing 😊


The last run of this tour was so much fun, and I was so grateful to travel to a few places I had never been- Columbia, Argentina, South Africa (just to name a few)!


I love my tour family, and am grateful to perform with this amazing, talented group, and call them my friends. I’m back in NY for the summer, and am working on my first ever EP! I’ve been writing and demoing (for years), but I’m finally stepping out of fear, and into my art! What’s the point of having these God-given gifts, if I only keep them to myself?

Looking forward to doing the Soul work, and just dive into this music, and hopefully create something that y’all will rock with! So lemme get to work!

Keep in touch! xo