October 17, 2013

Fall Again.

H&M sweater and earrings, Anthropologie wide-leg pants

My favorite season is back once again! But let's hurry up and talk about these pants. Every once in awhile, I go on to anthropologie's website and look at their "sale" items. I stumbled upon these pants and gasped as they were still in stock with my size! I got them on extra EXTRA sale too! Hallelujah! lol

I love the Chevron/Aztec print vibe they have, and the colors scream 70's and I love me a wide-legged pant! They are super comfy and I feel "superfly" walking in them. Don't catch me with my shades on though! I'm on a whole 'notha level! Ha!

I'm also obsessed with my new earrings! 

These photos were taken back home in PA (I'll admit to you that I've visited home twice already) and it's always nice coming back to the quiet, laid-back suburbs for a very short period of time

Recently my lovely friend Alex Elle had a big hair and and brunch event at Elberta in Brooklyn. It was an event celebrating women with natural hair, coming together to talk about hair, protective styling, personal hair journeys! But it was also just us getting together as women, fellowshipping, networking, and eating really delicious food! I had so much fun! I met a lot of great women that day! To see more pictures/info from the event, click here :)

Alex Elle (middle), Katrina Bello (left) <3

I'm still loving every waking moment of NYC, and all the great people I'm connecting with here. I'm still focusing most of my energy on my music and working to release a project next year! Stay tuned! Oh! And make sure to "like" me on Facebook. That's where I post my updates and my music will soon be there as well! :)


photography by Sasha Phyars-Burgess
brunch photography by Joshua "Lucky" Peters
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  1. Love love love the pants. So cool You girls are so gorgeous in the pics :) <3

    xoxo Gozika


  2. Thank you so much! We had a lot of fun that day too!

  3. If I had to pick an outfit that described you to the T it would be this one. It's so Kristin and perfect. Soooooooooooooooooooooo excited for le musica!!!!!

  4. Your hair looks so good! Curls POPPIN!

  5. !!! :))) And I'm so excited to see you next week!! <3

  6. Pretty Little Wild ThingsOctober 23, 2013 at 11:39 AM

    Those pants are killing it!
    Adorable post.


  7. Those pants are awesome.

    Tobruckave Blog


  8. Those pants are hot!! And you and your friends look great :)


  9. Thanks Kiara! They're so fun!

  10. So kind! Thank you!! :)

  11. You look so great in this pants. I's "your" thing for 100%! And I like your positive photos very much!

    Fashion Friends Diary

  12. love the cut & color of your pants
    all of your friends are beauties

  13. so fun!! the photos and this look :)

  14. Those pants...those pants...those PANTS! <3


  15. Najeema Iman, I AM Curly LocksOctober 28, 2013 at 11:55 PM

    Love those pants....

  16. Your hair is so beautiful. It was your pics of when you cut your hair that pushed me to bc for the 4th time since being natural. I love it! What products are you using now? Your pics always look like you're having so much fun!

  17. Thank you Yana! :)

  18. !! Thanks girlie!

  19. They're my fav! Thanks!

  20. Thanks so much girlie! Glad you love being natural too! I am using the same products I mentioned in my youtube videos! They're still workin for me!! :)


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