October 10, 2012

City Life

How do you like my hair?

I'll start this post with a little story.  I saw a lady whom I hadn't seen since my early college years, and she asked me if I'm dating, then proceeds with, "WOW, I thought for sure you'd be married by NOW!"

I was a little taken aback from her statement.  I'm a young 20 something (turned 24 this past summer), out of college for only 2 years,  still living at home with my parents since economic hardships prevent me from living in New York City on my own at this present time, but she expected me to already be MARRIED??

Am I missing something here?  I plan to have a career before marriage anyway, so marriage is not really a priority for me.  But speaking of my career...

As I stated in my last post, I went to NYC for the weekend, and let me tell you- it was absolutely grand!  I stayed with my friend Nicky, and it was like a big college reunion! I got to see many of my guy and girlfriends I hadn't seen in at least a year, and it was great catching up with everyone!  I had fun exploring the nightlife in Brooklyn, fooding, thrifting, and also attending Nicky's show (she KILLED IT btw)!  Traveling around the city, I kept bumping into Berklee alums- it was pretty awesome, and I did some networking with a few bloggers while I was there too!

I realized during the trip, in consulting with my girlfriends who are musicians/music industry folks as well, that I'm just going to have to take a leap of faith and move there (which is what they all actually did).  I'm going to save a bulk of money from now all through the summer, and just go.  The economy isn't holding me back, I am holding myself back.  With my job now, I'll have a year more of experience in the specific field I want to work in, I'm more financially stable, and I might as well do it while I'm still a young independent!  NYC is all about the grind, and that's what I have to do.  I have to create the opportunity, not wait for the opportunity.  Furthermore, I can't continue to worry about what everyone else thinks I should do.  I am in control of myself, and now is a better time than ever to do it!

Really committing to this (I plan to move by the end of next summer), I'm going on a spending freeze.  I have a certain amount of money that I WILL save before moving.  I can easily get a job at a restaurant to pay dem bills while looking for a job...  But I actually have a meeting coming up for a potential employment opportunity (career affiliated) in the city, so I'll keep you guys posted!

I'm of course not excited about this spending freeze, but I actually have come up with some ways to make this kind of fun!  That'll be in the next post ;)

Another thing I realized while in the city, is that footwear is everything.  I love to wear heels, especially heeled boots, and I actually survived all weekend wearing various pairs.  My trick?  Dr. Scholl's for her high heel inserts.  LIFE CHANGING.  Get you some!

H&M jacket (old), Gap Sweater (similar here), Rachel Roy scarf (gifted), Loft corduroy cropped trousers (similar here), Joan & David leather boots (old), Super sunglasses (here), Michael Kors watch (here)

My best friend is also FINALLY back from Germany, after a year away!  She surprised me by jumping out of my closet as I entered my room as soon as I got back from New York.  She scared the living daylight out of me and Leilani, who was also at my house at the time (we were set up)!!  I'm so glad she's back!

I'll leave you with one last thought.  Something I posted on my Facebook status, that I'll be keeping in mind:

"I'm realizing that you can't wait around for the right time or opportunity to occur.  Sometimes you have to make that opportunity happen in your own time.  Which for me, is right now.  3 days in NYC have really solidified what I want and NEED to do to get to where I want to be.  I'm excited for my future.  Putting things into my own hands!"


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  1. Love this post, love the hair and good luck with everything. I am currently feeling the same exact way and it nice to see some else that is taking that leap as well. Thanks for sharing

  2. I'm so happy you found this new inspiration and motivation, for the RELOCATION of the SITUATION. (lol) You'll be successful in all that you reach for I already know that! <3 Love you

  3. Love this post! Very inspiring and I love the hair :-) Happy for you and your new ventures, Good luck girlie!

  4. Love your hair! And the color of the pants looks awesome!


  5. Thanks Fatima! Yeah girl, now's the time, I say go for it!

    Thanks Lei! Can't wait until you visit me in NYC like all the time!

    Thanks Cayce! I appreciate the support!

    Thanks Kheira, yellow is my fav color to rock this fall!


  6. yay for braids and mustard cords! You are rocking that hair and that coat Kriss <3


  7. these laceups are pretty stellar! I'm a fan!

  8. Really cute outfit, I'm loving the colors. Also I'm loving the way the braids look on you (you make me feel like getting mine done lol)

    In Fashion Rehab

  9. Thanks for the feedback ladies!

    These booties are the most comfy shoes ever! I love when heels & comfort can work together LOL!

    And I can't seem to get enough of these braids! Love 'em!


  10. Kris - love this post. I definitely agree, NY is all about THE GRIND, and you just have to jump out there on a leap of faith (with a solid chunk of savings) and I know you'll end up soaring.

    As for the woman who assumed you'd be married...she's probably just old school since folks got married much younger back in the day. Take it as a compliment though - she obvi thinks you're "marriage material".

    And...I love your braids, you're just so cute! Tell your mom I said "hi soror" :)


  11. Love the boxbraids boo!

    The outfit was so fun and bright, great post love!

    btw I'm new to blogger, please stop by and return the follow



  12. I understand what you are saying in regards to not focusing on marriage now. I can hear my Aunt in my voice when I was younger saying don't be a "condoleezza rice" when I was younger. I now realize you can have both! Marriage and a Career as a woman!

  13. I'm coming back to your blog and see, you changed your hair again >o<, but that's women, sometime i'm lazy to even cut my hair lol

    there are fall already? helled boots is a way out when rain comes.

    and good luck for your career, i really really like really (major) want to go to NYC and have fashion career there, i hopefully someday and then we will meet. *fingercrossed*

    Herdiana Surachman

  14. love your outfit.I need braids like yours.Yes, i agree with you.Your plan sounds good.Save some money and make the big move...goodluck.

  15. Well put while being well put together! Keep the fire babe, Im happy that you are happy.

    Lets live our dreams out loud with eyes wide open.

    Love you!

  16. @Monique: Thanks for the feedback! Yes NYC is grind city- it's just what I'm going to have to do! I'm nervous, but I know it's what I need to do! And I will tell her you said hello!

    @Ag: You can to have both, and I plan to too! Thanks!

    @Herdiana Thanks boo! I would love for you to be in NYC!! When you do, we WILL meet!

    @Chic Therapy Thanks, I really am gna have to halt the spending!

    @Shawna Thanks my love, so grateful for you! <3

  17. your hair, boots, jumper is amazing!!!

  18. That jacket is ah-may-zing!


  19. love those braids!!

    and i need to take a trip to NYC so i can come back inspired like you are. that's fabulous!

  20. hi dear...nice blog...❤
    I love your mustard pants^^
    what do you think to follow each other? ❤
    I'll wait for you
    kiss and have an happy day

  21. ooh i loveee your sunnies! :D theyre perfect! :)


  22. Love love love this post! Psst! I am from Berklee too girl :) Good for you in taking control, getting closer to your destiny and workin those boots! And btw, the braids!!! The braids!!! 'Mazing.

  23. Thanks! girlie! I'm having fun with these braids!

  24. I appreciate the support! Thanks for reading! :)

  25. I think you should! Let me know when you do so we can meet up! :)

  26. Ayyyy Berklee! Thanks for the comment and the support! I'm really taking that leap of faith! :)

  27. That will happen! Speak it into existence! Can't wait, and we'll definitely be meeting when you do! :)


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