September 27, 2012

Fall is Finally Here!

Good morning guys, and welcome Fall!  As I've stated in my last post, this is my favorite season!  It has been so beautiful outside!  The leaves are starting to turn, those autumn colors are surrounding me...  And the weather - the mid 70's is my jam!  Sunny and cool, but not cold (there's a difference lol).  But let me stop sounding like a weather woman...

H&M sweater (old), Target denim vest (old), Gap belt (old), ASOS pleated skirt, Joan & David leather boots (old), Chanel eyeglasses (similar here). 

How are you all doing this week?  

I spent last weekend in New York with my dad's side of the family.  Although this was under unfortunate circumstances, I can't tell you how great it felt being surrounded by my family.  I love them all so much, and I was actually sad to have to head back home.  One message that we all took from this past weekend, was that we have to work to stay in touch, and to see each other.  Once a year is no longer acceptable.  My father is one of 10 children, and each child has a family, and many of their children have children as well.  We have a big family, and it's hard to coordinate with everyone.  Especially since we live all over the US, even some in Canada!  

But you make time for the things that are important in your life, right?

I think Leilani is getting better at better at her photography- I think these turned out great Lei, thanks for shooting again!

This week on instagram (you can follow me @krisbliss), I also feed the photos daily to my FB page here:
Lei and I attended an Allen Stone concert the other night, and it was PHENOMENAL.  He had an opening act- Tingsek (who is also another one of our faves), a soulful guy from Switzerland (lol), and his keyboard player was reallly good.  I first saw Allen Stone at Firefly Music Festival this past summer, and I was very impressed.  But let me tell you- he shut it down again!  Leilani and I are still recovering LOL!  We listened to his records after the concert, and it was wasn't the same.  I urge you to look up his live stuff- let me know what you think!

On another note, I'm getting my hair done today- something different that I haven't done before, and I'm pretty excited about it! I hope it turns out well!

Another video up, based on the most frequently asked question I get about my hair!


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September 21, 2012

Neon Neon.

How does it feel to know that today is the last day of summer?  To be quite honest, Fall is my favorite season, so I really don't mind...
Spiegel dress, H&M cropped blazer, Target leopard belt, Michael Kors watch, Franco Sarto sandals.
Funny story about this dress.  My mom wanted my opinion on an outfit she was going to wear to shoot at a wedding she had booked for that weekend.  I didn't like the ensemble she had going (involving this neon dress), but as soon as I was exposed to this fabulous dress, I forced her to let me try it on.  I ran into my closet, slapped on the waist belt, threw the cropped blazer over it, strapped on the sandals, and BOOM.    It was all mine (at least for the day).  She obviously ended up going for a different outfit (I think it was more fitting for the occasion Mother) lol.  Thanks Mom (I still haven't returned the dress)!

This week on instagram (you can follow me @krisbliss), I also feed the photos daily to my FB page here:

My bestie Lei snapped these photos of me yesterday.  It was good to see her as always, and it was such a gorgeous day!

Here's my latest youtube video (product review).  Check it out!

Happy Friday!


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September 11, 2012

Fashion's Night Out 2012

I'm giving so much face in this picture lol
H&M peplum lace top & necklace, ASOS trousers, Express earrings, Michael Kors watch, Nine West pumps

This past Thursday I celebrated with my friend Shawna in NYC for Fashion's Night Out.  For those of us who don't know what FNO is, it is a global initiative (started in NYC 2009) sponsored by Vogue and CFDA.  Since its start, Fashion's Night Out has expanded to cities all over the country, and is now worldwide.  It's a way to kick off NYC's Fashion Week, as well as encouraging us to buy as much designer fall collections as we can afford... But let me tell you, it felt like the whole city was partying that night!

Shawna shutting it down in a Joie top, DVF high waisted slacks, Gucci watch, and Saks Fifth Avenue Black Label platforms.  We couldn't walk a block w/o someone complimenting her on her fabulosity! 

Now that we got the outfits out of the way, I shall continue!

We were coming from Central Park West in Harlem, where we had our mini photoshoot, and heading straight to the Meatpacking District for DVF! 

On our way, we stopped by the QVC set up, got some free goodies, and spotted Issac Mizrahi doing an interview.

We also popped in Hugo Boss, but it was extremely overcrowded, and I didn't have the patience. However, we managed to snap a pic before leaving of course!

Once we arrived at DVF, this was the line- at least 4 people wide, and wrapped around the whole entire building. BUMMER!

As we were peeping out the front of the line, I bumped into Emijaa Jaaemil, whose blog I follow (vice versa).  It's always great to finally meet bloggers in person (lovely to meet you)!  There was no way we were getting in the end of the line, and I was a little disappointed since DVF was the only place I truly wanted to go to... (Here comes the crazy story).

As we're just kind of hanging in line (that we basically skipped), about 50 feet from the door (with NO signs of getting in), Shawna spots a friend of hers, says hello, and about a minute later we're all inside of DVF!  Total wait time: Five minutes (please reference pic above of to see the line).

It was so perfect, one of those "Only in New York" moments I suppose!

Gotta love those male models.. I wonder how much he got paid for passing out hours d' oeuvres? 

Once we were inside, we had to wait a few minutes to get to the other side, its fantastic 4-flight staircase awaiting us.  When we get to the other side, who do I run into, but my good friend Katrina!

We actually tried making plans to meet up, but we kind of fell off finalizing anything, and it happened anyway! #meanttobe <3

Here's a video I captured of Diane in all her fabulousness.  She's funny, captivating, and is apparently a democrat!  She also immediately noticed that Shawna was rocking her own (DVF) pants.  And y'all already know Solange is my girl!  She is my style icon, and so beautiful!  She was dj-ing some great tunes too!  Peep the vid below: 

After DVF, we met up with my our friends Katherine and Fred and grabbed dinner at an Italian spot in Soho.  It was great to see them, and peep Katherine's sleek all black, but very textual look!    She's rocking a Zara top, pants from TJ MaxxNine West boots, and Marc Jacobs necklace.  Get it!

This week on instagram (you can follow me @krisbliss), I also feed the photos daily to my FB page here:

It was a blast!  I got to see my friends, hang in the city, and I always love the energy and indulge in great conversation when I'm there!  I spotted a lot of great neck candy, and it was fun being snapped by street style photogs!  That night there was like no cell phone service in the city!  Did anyone who went experience that?  Next year I am definitely wearing more comfortable shoes- I don't know why I thought I could last in 5 inch heels all night lol!  How are you all keeping up with NYFW?  I can't wait to watch all the runway shows online!

Have a great week!


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September 4, 2012


c/o Sugarlips top, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Tory Burch flats, H&M necklace, Michael Kors watch.

Hey guys!  I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun Labor Day weekend!  I spent mine mostly working, but did go out to karaoke with some coworkers & friends on Sunday, and we a blast!  I sang a lil' Chaka Khan... Not to toot my own horn but... LOL

How cute is this shirt?  A special thanks to Sugarlips for gifting it to me!  I love the color, but fell more in love with the sleeves!  Tres chic!  Be sure to check out their site- they have cute and affordable clothing & accessories!

Last night, I went on a movie date with my best friend Lei to see Sparkle (FINALLY)!  Besides the fact that none of the girls could actually dance (it was quite awkward to watch honestly), and the singing, umm........ I would say it was a "decent" movie, but definitely no comparison to the original.  Would I buy it on dvd?  YES.  Whitney kilt it as usual, she played her roll well in my opinion.  I still can't believe she's gone!  The fashionista in me immediately noticed the impecable costuming throughout the film- I wish I had a handful of Sparkle and her sister "D's" pieces in my current wardrobe!!

This week on instagram (you can follow me @krisbliss), I also feed the photos daily to my FB page here:

I'll be headed to NYC's Fashion's Night Out on Thursday, which I'm super excited about (my first time going EVER), and I'll be meeting up with some college girlfriends, so I know I'll have a great time!

I've also been featured on natural hair site, BGLH, aka, Black Girls with Long Hair, and I'd love it if you would check it out!  Thanks!

Have a great week, and hope to see some of you in the city for FNO!


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