August 23, 2012

School Days

Hi guys!!!  Yes it has (once again) been too long since I've posted, but you know how I do (I'll get better, I promise)!

I actually am geting better!  I started doing an #ootd or "outfit of the day" on my instagram so you can actually see what I wear on a daily basis, since I'm not able to post it on the blog everyday!!  Check me out @krisbliss, and I also feed the photos daily onto my FB page here.

How have you all been?  I hope well!  I can't believe summer is wrapping up... It's sad in a way, but I'm kind of ready for fall weather (and more importantly), fall fashion!

Wearing H&M cropped blazer, F21 top, Gap skinny trousers, Joan & David sandals,
Michael Kors rose gold watch.  Lipstick "Girl Around Town" by M.A.C.

I've been feeling so inspired by all the new changes in my life!  It's phenomenal!  I mentioned in this post here that I landed a new job, which I started about a week and a half ago, and I'm absolutely LOVING it so far!  I have my own office/bathroom, and of course I've already started to decorate it!  I'm getting some great ideas via Pinterest!  Once it's all finished, I'll share with you some photos, probably on my instagram!

Have a terrific rest of your week, and a lovely weekend!


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  1. Gorgeous Kris! Tha jacket is so cute! Im digging the Joan and David shoes...very classic!

  2. nice one... love all the outfits!!

  3. First of all: I love your hair :)
    Second: Cool jacket :)

  4. Look who is back! I love your sandals

  5. wow. i looove your blog. visit mine too, you will love it <3

  6. Beautiful! Love the outfits, love the hair :) Happy you've returned :)

  7. so pretty!

  8. i love your blazer!!!! soo beautiful and chic :)

  9. I love your hair and your outfit is so chic! <3

  10. I love your hair and the color combo!

    you look amazing



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