April 19, 2012

City Love: Photo Diary: Philadelphia

I assisted my mother on a photography gig this past weekend in Philly, and while we were there, we decided to capture one of our favorite murals in the city.  Philly is known for their murals all around the city, which originally started as an anti-graffiti tactic, through the Philadelphia Anti-Graffiti Network (1984).  These folks reached out to the graffiti writers in an attempt to redirect their artistic energies into a positive light!  Now there are over 3,000 murals in the city, all expressing history through art! For more information, and to view some of these murals, click HERE

    My mother was born and raised in Philly, and I was born there as well.  My Pop Pop still lives in Philly, so anytime we are there, we always stop by!  I had to hit up the water ice stand around the corner from his house to get my usual mango water ice + a soft pretzel with mustard.  A very Philly thing to do (Rita's doesn't even compare to this)!

Before leaving the city, we decided to stop by the Sakura Sunday Festival at the Cherry Blossom Park.  Here are some photos I took :)

The other day I met up with the bestie Lei and we chilled at the park.  Girl talk, sun bathing, nail painting, and laughs.  We eventually got hungry and went out for sushi, as usual (we're addicts lol).  I've had such a  great week, and it's fun showing off my city to you guys!  I hope you enjoyed the pics!

I'm also looking forward to the weekend, you have a great one!

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  1. That last pic turned out cute! :-)

  2. I love that you've captured the awesomeness here in Philly! Nice to know you have deep roots here Kriss :)

    Oh and i know ALLLL about the water ice and pretzel combo- it is VERY philly lol!

  3. That food looks deeeeeelish! and love the paintings!! They seem the kinda thing that would just make you stop and stare for like an hour!!



  4. I live in Philly and don't think I've seen those particular murals! lol

  5. Awesome Murals! I just love them!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  6. Wooww...great photos and that mural is simply beautiful> we have some cool ones here in Baltimore but those speak volumes. I love all of your pics. you always have great photos. You can seriously convert your blog into a book girl! beautiful!

  7. Such gorgeous photos! The murals look so life like... amazing

    BTW, Those pancakes are to die for!

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  8. Someone had fun! lovely pictures, those pancakes look so mouth watering, I refuse to be tempted.

    ps: Thanks for the comment :)

    Fashion Rehab

  9. I love this shot with you water ice and pretzel..the colors here look so coordinated even though they probably came together by chance. Even the spaces in the sidewalk look like they belong in this arrangement.


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