November 21, 2011

A Year in the Making.

Hey look who it is!  I'm still here!  I know I haven't posted in over a month, but I have somewhat of a decent excuse lol.  Besides being a tad bit on the lazy side, I actually have had bronchitis for the past few weeks and it really shut me down.  I had no energy to do anything.  I wasn't even tweeting like my usual self!  Now you know when I'm off twitter, something's wrong haha!  So unfortunately the combination kept me away from the blogesphere.  But I'm back!  

Wearing a blouse, skirt, + earrings from F21, boots vintage Nine West via mi madre.

These photos were taken at a cemetery earlier last week, and it was surprisingly very peaceful.  I've never shot any looks at a cemetery, nor do I hang out at cemeteries on my off time lol.  It had such beautiful scenery, I couldn't resist!  Look at all of these beautiful fall colors!  The mix of the fresh air, and fall breeze had me feeling so serene!  

Quite phallic, wouldn't you say so? LOL 

Unfortunately from being sick, I did miss my 1 year blog anniversary!  However, this post ending up coming at a perfect time.  Thanksgiving is this Thursday, and when I initially thought about putting together my blog anniversary post, I knew I wanted to talk about how thankful I was for everything that has transpired because of it.

There is so much to be thankful for, as there were many opportunities that came my way!  First there was the Street Style feature in Essence Magazine, which was so cool!  Essence is one of my favorite magazines, and to actually be in it was so thrilling!  Then there was the Interview Feature by Style Pantry.  I am a big fan of Folake, and was so honored to be featured by her!  Being a new blogger can be intimidating, as there are so many of us out there!  But ever since I started this blog, I've been shown nothing but positivity and light!  And I'm so thankful for that!!

I've actually recently been featured by another one of my favorite bloggers, Neil Alvin of Black Girls Killing it.  You can check out the feature here.

Besides being featured, you lovely people who read my blog, interact with me via commenting on this blog or on my Facebook Page, Chictopia, or Youtube channel... You guys who re-blog my posts on tumblr, or hold conversations with me on twitter, have been such an inspiration!  You are literally the reason why I even blog!  Without you guys, I wouldn't have had the drive or sustainability to continue on this journey!  You guys have even inspired me to kick off my youtube page again!  I am creative creature, and I enjoy expressing my interests and life with you all!  Thanks for making me feel comfortable doing so! 

You all have provided so much support and love, and have built around me a community of great people.  From all of this, the most important thing I have learned is that being yourself is truly enough.

I'm looking forward to spending time with my family this week, and overall reflecting on the blessings in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Awww....congrats on 1 year:) Very nice fall photos!

  2. You look so cute and happy - miss seeing your lovely face. Also - have you heard of pinterest? I just pinned a couple of your old pics to my page here be sure to check it out, bc I think you would love it - it's a virtual inspiration board! Hope all is well - send your mom my love!

  3. You look gorgeous!! It feel like I haven't read your blog in so long but it feels good to have you back!

    Flower Child Vintage (previously The Button Owl)

  4. Finally, an update.Happy thanksgiving chica.

    Btw, you look gorgy.

  5. I absolutely love this outfit. It is just so beautiful. So chic. I just love it. Great blog, keep it up. XxxX

  6. I love your skirt!!!

  7. YAY!! Congrats on the feature....BTW I didn't know you were so passionate about uncomfortable flat shoes....LOL!!!!


  8. aaaahhhh miss you girl, but what's that Quite Phallic? o my god hahaha

    Herdiana Surachman

  9. this is an amazing outfit. the shirt, the skirt, the boots, the hairstyle, everything's so perfect together!

    much love from Indonesia!


  10. lmao, quite phallic indeed! i'm mad that's the first thing i thought of, even before i read what you said under the photo lol.

    HAPPY 1 YEAR! I wish you and your blog many many many successes and I can't wait to meet up with you during December. I am in DESPERATE need of a blogging buddy! Lol :)

  11. Hope your feeling much better.. you have awesome style keep it up x

  12. Congratulations!

    You look great and who knew a cemetery could look so quaint and inviting? Ironic huh?

    I'm glad your better and recovering from your illness :D


  13. happy belated 1 year! :) you look so beautiful!! that outfit is amazing! :)

  14. Hi dear!!! I love your style....and your shoes are amazing!!!

    FOLLOW EACH OTHER?!? Visit my blog and then tell me if you want to follow me... Then I'll follow you back!!!! :) :)

    Kisses from Italy


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