August 1, 2011


Well look who it is!  Yes I know I know, I've been MIA from the blogging-sphere for almost 3 weeks!  Eek!  Honestly, I needed a break.  I decided to take a brief internet hiatus simply because I felt like I was getting so wrapped up in it! Hey, it happens.

I haven't gone out in a good month, and have been regularly going to bed early/getting a good night's rest... Sometimes it's good to switch up from your normal day to day routine... My case seems to be the opposite of most, whereas instead of doing something sporadic or noteworthy, I just become a bigger homebody than I already was/get more sleep.  Basically I've become an old woman lol.

Another big factor in my hiatus is the fact that my best friend/photographer of this blog, Sasha, is moving to Europe.  Berlin, Germany to be exact.  She's been traveling the whole month throughout the states, so she hasn't been around, and she leaves for good at the end of the month for a whole year!  I'm pretty sad about it :(
I'll eventually get over it lol (I know I'm dramatic).  She's living her dream, and I'm so excited for her because she's so talented, and I plan to visit her while she's there!!
Wearing a H&M dress, H&M necklace, Sally Hansen polish in "Lightening," and Michael Kors wedges
My lovely mother, who happens to be an amazing photographer, has taken over the photography for my blog.  I'm so grateful for her!  Thanks Mom! lol

I was inspired by Dorothy Dandridge, more specifically by her role as "Carmen" in the1954 film Carmen Jones for this post.  I see pics of Dorothy Dandridge all over my dashboard via tumblr.  She was such a classy lady!

Also, I posted a new youtube video sharing some of my favorite products I've been using this whole summer!  Check it out below! :)


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  1. You look ravishing! Welcome back! Sometimes taking a moment to step back, reflect is needed. We as people should do that more often only because we need to keep our core on point. Without having a centered core, we can become zombie-like with island fever- not knowing one day from the next. So I'm happy you have relaxed and come back into your own :)


  2. welcome back! that's a beautiful dress. the cut & color look great on you.

  3. hey how was harry ?!

    thanks for your comments...i used to wear brown all the time but i don't think it matches my skin or whatever. should be more contrast haha. i wish it was hot here, supposed to be summer pff...its like autumn over here.

    btw the dress and background go so well. and your nails KAPOW!

  4. From the yellow nails to the printed red dress to that marvelous necklace...i am feeling this outfit. Your hair is the too. How do u get it like that? are you braining it in thick braids and then letting them loose? Love this post!

  5. You look great!!! Don't forget to enter my giveaway ;)

  6. LOVEE the hair girl.....glad you are back.....


  7. You look gorgeous as usual! Funny vid! :)

  8. you.are.amazing. Nothing but greatness in your future!!! miss you! mua*

  9. Great accessories. Pretty colour on your dress.

    Miss Bias

  10. me likey this girly look.Very pwetty.

  11. "...I just become a bigger homebody than I already was..." I know the feeling (minus, getting the extra sleep), but recently started getting out of the house to "do stuff".
    Gorgeous photos! You look pretty.

  12. I love this nail polish.. such a pretty pop of color to lighten the outfit! I'm always too lazy to maintain my own finger nails so I just admire everyone else's seemingly perfectly manicured ones.

  13. LOVE the jewellery :) and your hair is beyond gorgeous!

    xxx Irinja (

  14. thanks for the congratulations dear :) you're too sweet! that nailpolish looks sensational on your skin. welcome back!! xx opinionslave
    / twitter: @opinionslave

  15. You look stunning!!!! These photos are amazing :) I took a blogging break too this past month, it's definitely necessary. Glad that you're back!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  16. that dress is soo beautiful!!! :)

  17. sometimes it's great to take a break :)

    you look beautiful in that dress!

  18. Welcome back! Everyone needs a break! I think I'm on the verge of one too. Spending too much time online!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  19. f21 has a necklace that looks almost exactly like that one!

    it will be nice to have a place to crash over in europe!

  20. That is such a beautiful dress and a wonderful neckless! :D


    ps: You can join our $25 gift card giveaway

  21. I love your blog so much Kris!!. Keep it up :)

  22. Kris, you look gorgeous! I just love that pattern and your hair looks so great :)

    I can't wait to hear about your favorite products thanks for your return and this video girl <33


  23. I love your style! Its so natural and cute. You remind me of Tracee ellis ross.
    Great Blog!


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