July 13, 2011

Keep living.

Dress from T. J. Maxx, Anthropologie sweater, Michele watch

You ever hear of the term "5-year plan" or "10-year plan?"  Well, I'm the queen of making plans.  Goals, guidelines, plans, lists, deadlines... I seem to always have them for every aspect of my life.  While it's good to have plans and goals, sometimes getting wrapped up in "following the plan" can cause a lot of stress, and could also close your mind to other possible opportunities that can equally give you experience for growth, even if it's in a field you never once considered working.

There's a phrase that goes something like, "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans."  Although I've heard this a million times before, I still somehow make an attempt to map out basically my whole life!  I'll state that I'll be doing this by this age, or living there by that month, but I'm realizing that everything happens for a reason, and when it's time for me to be here or there, that's where I'll be.

Half of my heart is pulsing to the beat of New York City, but the other half of my heart is still home.  I want to go back to school, but now may not be the right time.  My point is, even if my life seems like a big ? right now, I have to keep living.  I may not be at the place I thought I'd be almost a year post graduating college, but as long as I keep living with a purpose, I truly believe I will get there someday.

As for some good news, I'll be working on some great music projects (that I was fortunately asked to be a part of), and will fill you guys in on it hopefully soon!  

Remember guys, everyone dies, but not everyone lives!  Keep living!


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  1. I totally agree! Wish you the best.
    And thanks for sharing the words of encouragement.

    Love the dress and the pop of color!

  2. Totally feelin' this post...I think it gets easier by really developing a patient heart.

  3. I adore your dress! This is such a beautiful piece of writing and true too. Love Sia x

  4. Lol I totally understand everything you said! It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one that feels they may not be exactly where they thought they would be, but I'm happy to be living. I have great friends and fun and I'm happy to be able to be "just living". :)

  5. I love the dress and the cardigan complements it!!
    Lovely blog ;-)



  6. Kris, You hit the Hammer on the nail with this post. I can completely attest to this post in that we think, plan and over think so much that we forget to live and be in the moment. Lets live and allow life to take its course along the way, thanking God every single day for his countless blessings and gifs to us all. Im happy for you.

    P.S. You body is on Zeeecckkk!!! now thats Livin', your physical being alone will bring you places that you may have never imagined, and this is beyond your Intellect. #justsayin ;) LOVE YOU!

  7. this dress is perfect on your body shape! love it girlie! thank you so much for the comment! NY scares me to move to haha i think im going to go ahead and try applying at a fashion school up there and just go for it! thank you so much for your advice!

  8. !!!Talked to me heart with that one!!!

  9. that vest is so cool...look at those white, what are they haha. who cares i think they're cool.

    curious how you experienced the movie. that will be one of my plans haha. watch all hp movies.

    so cool you also read the books.

  10. ohhh and of course thanks so much for complimenting me on the photography. :D

  11. gorge look , and i luv what u said its so uplifting thank u dear :) rem. 2 keep god 1st and the rest will follow wish u much success

  12. omg. i wish you could have seen my face when i scrolled down and saw that gorgeous sweater, and i knew before reading that it was anthropologie. i really, really love it.

    don't stress abt the future. just keep pursuing your dreams and although it may not seem like it, everything will work out exactly the way it's supposed to :)

  13. Very inspiring post! I always try and make plans and they never work out the way I expect them too

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  14. wow that dress is gorgeous!!! love your cardi! the color is awesome! :)


  15. As long as you envision yourself being where you want/need to be. It shall all fall into place, keep doing what you do:) don't rush anything it takes away the LIVING aspect of it. And only keep a PLAN A dont bother getting distracted with a PLAN B :) Great Post.

    Much love

  16. pretty outfit, really like the sweater. and what a lovely positive message :)

  17. you are seriously SO PRETTY!!

    loving the dress :)

  18. Kris, you are working that fro and that bad ass lipstick! thanks for showing my blog so much love
    and sharing that positive energy we all need to get by :)



  19. OMG I remember that Anthropologie sweater from when I used to work there...which was years ago. Love the lipstick on you!


    P.S. Finally got Google Friend Connect...I'm following :)

  20. Just lovely! Keep living!! :)


  21. pretty dress!

    xo Ashleigh


  22. The black and white combo work perfectly with the sweater. I am in love with this sweater. Great post!




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