June 8, 2011

Late to everything, everywhere, everything!

The title of this post is the direct reference to how my friends and I are ALWAYS LATE when we plan to go somewhere together.  We're not late to everything individually, but when we all plan an outing, and plan to leave/arrive at a certain time, we always miss the mark.  We're. Always. Late.  And I'm not talking about 10, maybe even 15 minutes late.  I mean HOURS late haha!  It's so ridiculous!

So last week, Tuesday to be exact, I headed into the city with my friend Leilani to see some of my college guy friends (who play for Jordan Knight)'s album release party at the Canal Room in Tribeca (If you're unsure of who Jordan Knight is, google New Kids on the Block) lol.  Lei and I, along with some of our other girlfriends were all going to meet up at this album release that evening (mind you the album release starts at 8:30p.m.).

Wearing a Patrick Robinson for Target dress, Enigma Wedges, and vintage jewelry
Lei and I get into the city around 6ish, but had to hit up a Chipotle (food > everything) lol.  We get to our friend Shawna's apartment to change and then plan to head to the party to see the show/meet up with our friend Therlande (4 of us ladies total).

Everyone's taking their sweet ole time getting ready, and I notice that it's already 8:00.  We're not even close to being out the door, so I mention that we should really finish getting dressed because we're going to be late.  I mention this a good 3 more times before we actually head out the door, AT 9:30p.m. SMH!

Long story short, we get there and... THE SHOW IS OVER.  Therlande shows up even later than us!  All we could do is laugh!

These are probably my favorite pair of shoes.  I bought them last year, days before graduation to wear with my grad dress.  So glad I purchased them!  And they're extremely comfortable!

Jordan Knight ended up walking past us so we did see him for all of two seconds haha, and we chatted with our guy friends for a bit after the show as well (sidenote: groupies are real... Smh).  Us girls decided to head to Cafeteria to meet up with some ppl for drinks and conversation.  We had a great time, I even ran into a friend from high school!  The night was really random, but it was a night filled with laughter, fun, and memories to last a lifetime!


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  1. Nice post! Cool blog too!

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  2. I love your hair, necklace and shoes!

  3. Kris, you're so cute. I'm late to everything all the time, so I can totally relate!


  4. The print of that dress is so pretty! I'm the total opposite...I'm always way earlier than I need to be!

  5. Haha, this post is so like my friends and I thought i don't think we've ever been that late. I have to ask because I'm black, and I'm wondering if your group of friends you attended this event were black to because maybe there is some truth to the CPT (Colored People Time) joke! Haha, because I'm usually late too! Anyway this dress is so cute love the outfit!

    Live Life in Style

  6. You are too cute mama! Loving your style <3

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  8. Lol...Reminds me of me and my friends back in Nigeria...we were always late for EVERYTHING!!lol

  9. I'm always late too girl, your not the only one lol! I love your hair it looks fantastic all the time and those wedges are to die for! =)



  10. tu est magnifique, et j'adore ta robe, et tes chaussures sont vraiment très belles
    Très jolie tenue

  11. you always how an earthy look, and love your hair do as always


  12. Hi there! Im glad u came across my blog because i now I have a new fashion blog to love! Loving your wedges and ur hair is GORG!


  13. Glad I'm not the only one who's late, and thanks for the lovely comments & links!


  14. love the outfit, you've got great style. now following :)



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