June 21, 2011

Blame it On Me

Well hello there!  Yes, it has been awhile, and I don't even have an excuse!  Forgive me?  K thanks!

This past weekend was pretty eventful.  I went to the West Oak Lane Jazz Festival in Philly with my bff Leilani.  It's a 3-day, free festival that features a lot of great jazz artists, with various vendors selling art, jewelry, clothing, skin, body, & hair products, basically anything and everything!

We went the first day, on Friday, to see Chrisette Michele.  She performed in the evening, but we arrived there in the afternoon to check out some of the other artists first.

Btw, I didn't touch up my legs in any of these pics, this is all exfoliation + baby oil lol.  When the legs are out, I don't mess around!

Lei killin 'em as usual.  How cute are her shoes!!

Of course we had to take it there...

Wearing an ASOS denim top, Rogan for Target dress, Gap gold braided belt, and Enigma wedges
I've already worn this dress on the blog here, but it's my favorite dress, and I styled it differently this time.  I wanted to look casually cute, since it was a festival.  I couldn't roll up looking too dressy, so I think the denim + b&w leopard print + brown wedge combo gave me a solid "safari chic" vibe, which was the look I was going for :) lol

My plan was to take a lot of street style photos whilst at the festival, so my mom helped me make some business cards to hand out to people once I took their picture.  Thanks Mom!

Does anyone else use baby oil regularly?  I can't be the only one... Right?

Unfortunately I didn't find anyone I felt was worthy of capturing...... Business card #fail 
(I actually did end up giving out my business card to two people.  One to the owner of the artwork below, and some random dude who wouldn't leave me alone.  I need to do better next time haha)!

The first thing we did as soon as we got to jazz fest was eat (of course).  We went to a soulfood place called Victoria's Place, and grubbed on some fried fish, buffalo shrimp, collard greens, candied yams, and mac & cheese.  It was so yummy!  We then walked around to check out some performances + vendors before Chrisette's set.
This woman's artwork is created solely from banana leaves.  How creative is that!  I found her work to be beautiful!

There were also some great clothing & jewelry vendors, but I was so in awe I forgot to take pictures!  That and my Nikon was seeming to attract too much unwanted attention, so that also shied me away from taking as many photos smh...

This is the only close up pic I could find (via a google search), and these back tattoos are Photoshopped on....  Are those supposed to be wings? lol... 
You CLEARLY can't see her well from my pictures, since I was far away, and don't have (yet) a zoom lens, but she looked GORGEOUS!  The dress, the hair, and she sounded great!  She is VERY entertaining as well, so effortlessly comfortable on stage.  It was enjoyable to watch and I was jammin' hard because I love her music!  Her band was killin' and her bg vocalists were hilarious.  Get it Chrisette!

Throughout the day at the festival Lei and I kept getting wiffs of baby oil (it wasn't me, promise lol), and saw sight of a LOT of interesting characters, including this one lady who got past the lazy security, basically jumping on stage to get Chrisette's autograph.  Chrisette kept it classy and gladly signed the woman's yellow lined piece of paper this fan presented to her.  The fan was super hype, making sure to wave it in everyone's faces as she walked back to her lawn chair -_-

Sunday was Father's Day, and some of the family came over to hang.  The men played golf, and unfortunately I had to work, but I rushed home as soon as I got off that evening, to spend a little time with the family before they left, and to spend the rest of the evening with my wonderful father on Father's Day.  

My mom cooked up a storm:  jerk chicken, bbq ribs (homemade sauce), potato salad, corn on the cob, grilled vegetables... We had fresh fruit, and Mom made two homemade peach cobblers, homemade coconut pound cake, and even had the nerve to make some homemade ice cream to go with it!  She really outdid herself!!  And of course it was all delicioso cuz my mom is a BEAST in the kitchen!

I've been really trying to stay focused on my workout grind and make my weight goals, but having all this food in the house is a problem!  How am I not supposed to gain weight when I have all this butter, salt, and sugar haunting me everytime I step foot into the kitchen?!?  LOL,  Ohhhhh well.


P.S.  Today is the first day of summer! Woo hoo! :)

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  1. Kristin - you are hilarious w/ the baby oil. I was going to comment that your legs are looking RIGHT too girl!!! LOL - and your mom DID throw down, tell my soror I said, "get it"!

  2. Looks like you had so much fun! Haha, love how you 'dont mess around' when the legs come out! Oh, and that chicken looks so good, haha!
    Shope xoxo

  3. Love those wedges :)

    And the food-- its makin my mouth WATER OMG!

  4. looks like fun times :)loving the denim over the dress.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. LEGS on zeckkkk!!! I'm hitting the gym in my dreams and as soon as I wake up. Ha....Looks like the festival was a blast. Man music festivals are always fun. Love the bags captured, everything seems really tribal lately:)
    But can we discuss this here Fathers Day menu? K!! I'll be fasting till next fathers day so I can come eat with the FAM. Clearly. Great, jam packed post Kris!

    P.s. lei is killin em'

  7. The legs are glistening honey and u look cute in ur leopard dress...I have the top like that! The food in this post looks delish!

  8. HAHA you two crack me up! awesome photos! and thanks SO MUCH for voting for me :D im so happy that i won :D YAYAYAY! rofl. xx opinionslave

  9. great post, kriss! i love your photography! <33



  10. You look SMASHING! I love love love that bag in your lap in that one photo, definitely something I would rock! I am still so mad I couldn't go with you but I'm glad you have fun!!! And it is SO smart of you to have business cards, I should definitely look into that.

    PS: I would recommend you download Ntjam Rosie's entire debut album "Elle"! Isn't she fantastic?! "Space of You" has been on HEAVE HEAVY repeat for me :)



  11. That food looks YUMMMMay! haha. Baby oil, i do not use...butt i may actually jsut try it, i would concider myself a serial moisturiser. love moisturising!! soo perhaps the baby oil notion is right up maa street haha :) Lovely pictures and you both have incredible shoes :)



  12. love those pics ! u got perfect legs, girl haha :-) ! and your outfit look so pretty ! :) xx

  13. owowowowowow busy woman with a great wild leopard printed dress, hehehe

    :D HS


  14. oh.. so nice post.)
    Love your blog.))

    I now spend a survey of bloggers with such questions.
    1. Why did you create a blog?
    2. For whom you taking him? Want to be popular?
    3. How long will it keep going?

  15. Looks like a great fun event!!! What do you use to exfoliate your legs?

    Live Life in Style

  16. Your legs look amazing!! I'm gonna try that baby oil trick- I never thought of using it! I usually use almond oil (the smell is amazing.. and so does baby oil for that matter, so it's a good change up alternative!)

    The food pics on your blog always make my mouth water!! xxx

  17. loving that leopard dress - you look AMAZING!

  18. omg you eatin good in PA!

    legs and heels on the both yall ;) #nice

    p.s. i LOVE that phone picture with you both in it

  19. Amazing post <3


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