May 30, 2011

My Persuasion Can Build A Nation.

Hey guys!  I know it's been awhile, but life sometimes takes me out of my regular blogging routine!  I don't have any major updates, I've just been enjoying being a young 20 something, and living life!  The weather is vastly improving and I've been soaking up the sun at every chance I get!  Is it safe to say that I'm naturally in a better mood during the summer months hehe?

In other news, I think I'm going back to school.  I don't know when, but I realize that in today's economy, having a bachelor's degree really doesn't cut it.  I want to get my masters, so I'm lowkey looking into grad schools.  Is anyone else having a tough time getting a job in their desired career field these days?  I'll keep you guys posted on my school search :)

In my last post, I discussed my opinion on my generations lack of proper dating, which seemed to cause a little buzz.  I've been heavily speaking about the subject, and relationships/interactions between the sexes not just on this blog, but with friends and fam, and actually a lot with people via twitter for like the past week lol!  It's interesting to hear people's perspectives on dating, especially in regards to women and men in their early 20's.  I enjoyed the conversation and opinions!  Thanks guys!

Wearing an UO dress, Kenneth Cole belt, Topshop silver cuff, and Nine West wedge slingbacks
I was attempting to channel my inner Beyonce by performing the choreography from her Billboard Music Awards performance of Run the World, but ended up channeling my own craziness. Smh.  Did anyone see that performance?  How amazing was she?!

I love the zipper detail and the back of this dress so much.  And I got it for 15 bucks!  Holler.

I'm headed to an album release party tomorrow which should be exciting, and I'll get to see some of my college buddies, which is always fun!  

Everyone have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and let us never forget the fallen women and men soldiers who risked their lives to serve and fight for our country, and also the ones that do each day!  We thank you!



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  1. Congrats on the decision to go back to school. I at one time I thought I wanted to do that too...but I changed my mind!
    Live Life in Style

  2. looking so fabulous!! i have been accepted into the honours program at uni but i'm not sure whether i'll do it or not! ahh choices choices. i'm thinking i can always go back and do a masters degree. congrats on knowing what you want to do! x

  3. It is definitely a good idea to go back for your masters! A lot of my friends who have graduated have told me how hard the job market is right now :/ I'm sure you will be fine with whatever you choose to do!

    SB: Your hair + dress are both GORGEOUS!!

  4. You look super FAB!! Your hair looks great too :D Watched Beyonce's performance, AMAZING!

  5. love the dress!!!!!!!!!!!! ok next.. felt compelled to reply to your comment about going back to school..according to Suze Orman the country's top financial expert..we are in a recession in which we will be in for a while. She did advise to not going back to school and here was her reason..people make the mistake of going back..owing MORE debt for going back..then come out with a masters degree and still NO job..she said if you can get a job now is the time to do it..just food for thought mama..

  6. the back of this dress is amazing!! what would you want to go to grad school for?

  7. Looooooove that dress!!! The print, fit, and back are just gorgeous!You look really great. Awesome bracelet too :)

  8. Love your outfit. You look great! Best wishes with going back for your masters! :)

  9. omg you are too gorgeous and that tribal print is amazing!

  10. beautiful dress! the back is sooo cool! love it :)

  11. I just found your blog and I heart it :-) Love the hair too! I've decided to go back to school as well. I'm not too thrilled with more student loan debt (damn you Sallie Mae), but I do want to make myself more marketable.

  12. i love your dress and bracelet darling you look hot!

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  13. cute!
    I just graduated and I am also realizing that a bachelor's does not take you far! I'll be going back to school as well.
    now following :]

    xo Mima

  14. WOW,stunning dress!!!You look amazing!

  15. WOW U Look Stunning! Those legs! Yes, I am having a hard time finding my niche in my field so I'm just trying to make my own way. I think going back to school is a great idea, please keep us posted on where ur looking at!

    With love Ama xoxo

  16. It is a good idea to go back to school, but i think now more than ever, experience is much more desired by employers than degrees.

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