April 19, 2011

The Weeknd

This weekend consisted of a lot of food, a lot of laughs, and a lot of fun :D

If you follow me on twitter, you know that I tweeted about how I desperately wanted a leather skirt.  I was concerned because I wanted to rock one before it got too hot outside (but at this rate, who knows if the weather will ever warm up).  I brought it up to my mom and two seconds later she busted out with a leather skirt, the one I happen to be wearing in this post lol.  And to think I knew of every article that is in her closet!  Tsk tsk tsk.
It was extremely windy outside, we've been having some crazy weather on the East Coast.
When I bought this shirt a few months ago, it didn't fit at all.  Now it does. #progress

This is my second attempt at doing a heatless roller-set (I let my hair air dry).  I like how it turned out this time.  I tried to channel Dorothy Dandridge, rather than looking like I had on Jennifer Hudson's wig from Dreamgirls pictured in this post.

As you know, my friend Shawna visited me this weekend so I played host/tour guide and showed her around my city!  She along with the besties all had a good ole time.

We ate.
And chilled.

Like my new purse?  I'm surprised I bought it because I don't like to carry them, but this one was too cute!  It's from Target! 

Then we ate some more...

... And some more!

I should be ashamed of the amount I consumed this weekend, but it felt good at the time!  I'm currently struggling (my body isn't taking it well haha), but hey, things happen.

I'm headed to NYC again this morning for another meeting.  I'll speak on it if anything comes from it (hopefully)!


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  1. i love that leather skirt on you and your post made me crave some sweets!

  2. So cute! I love the skirt, I will keep this in mind for Fall/Winter 2011, as we've already hit the 85+ days here in Houston!


  3. Very cute outfit and hair. Looks like you guys had a good time.

  4. that leather skirt is sick! Loves it darling! I also am loving all the sweets! Thanks a lot...like I really need to eat this (while walking to the kitchen)!! lol Kiah

  5. That knee length leather skit is BOMB. And I loved that you paired it with a light white colored blouse. Soft and hard.

    i like it like it ; )

  6. o i adore this look! that is a good take on the typical leather mini skirt. love it!

  7. Hi!

    I found you in Chictopia:) I like your style a lot and I find you to be a very likeable person:) I am your follower:)

    I would love it if you checked my blog
    www.storiesandsequins.com and followed it if you wish!

    Thank you in advance!

  8. amazing skirt!!! you look gorgeous :)


  9. Your hair is the most gorgeous thing I have seen all week!!! I hope someone submitted these photos to lecoil! If not, I'm about to do that right now!!!

  10. LOVIN your hair! And the skirt ;D

  11. I love your hair, that purse, and that skirt! <3



  12. Great shots!!!I am totally in love with your outfit, especially the shirt!

  13. LOVE that skirt...such a lovely outfit! I found a similar one in my mom's closet, but it was a bit warm by then. I found your blog through an interview on Style Pantry...very glad I did :-)

  14. those pastries look amazing! and i love the tan clutch you have with the zippers!

  15. you look gorgeous
    and the food looks delicious! Happy Easter

    Sweet and sugars,

  16. Glad you were finally able to find the skirt =].

    And your hair?!

    BEAUTIFUL. It's thickness & texture is deelish.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Kimberly, FWB

  17. wow, your leather skirt is so so cool! looks awesome on u!

    xx, Sabinna and David


  18. Nice mom closet!!! Man! I need to do that!

    I am in love with everything leather and I actually can't wait to wear the pieces all spring, NOT summer.

    Congrats on stylepantry feature, I'm hopping over from there and you are so full of charm in the interview.

  19. That is an awesome leather skirt- I love the shape of it because it is flowy and all about the leather. 2 awesome things about it, too: 1) that your mom gave it to you, and 2) it "appeared" as soon as you wanted it- love that!

    I hope you had an awesome Easter (those food pics are making me hungry!!) x

  20. Awesome pics, both of you and of the food stuff !



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