April 6, 2011


This weather has been such a drag (RuPaul reference)!!  But all I ask is it be nice on my birthday weekend.  I mean, it's not for another few weeks, but I'm speaking it into existence ahead of time.  That is all I want! lol

Since my official decision to choose NYC vs. LA, I've been applying for full-time jobs in NYC for the past few days intensely... All I can do is apply and follow-up until I get that interview k!  I will not give up!

Besides that, same routine... Work, working out, socializing on social media venues lol... Oh and I made the Facebook Page.  I hope you like it... LITERALLY.. (leaving the link below)!!

I've also been trying to "juice" more to get my daily servings of fruits and veggies.  I make good juice ya'll!  I can make kale, broccoli, apples, & carrots taste delightful!

The juicer actually does all the work, but hey, I come up with some pretty cool combos!

No outfit post today, but next post will definitely include one :)  I wanted to add some photos that have been giving me life lately:

I'm gna rock the natural hair all summah long baby!
I really want to do dye my hair, but I'm a wuss!
I love me some Julia Styles and I think this top is so awesome haha.  I figure this photo was taken in the late 1990's.
Willy Cartier.  Get to know him.
My mother's HS graduation photo.  She didn't smile because she had braces LOL!  I'm going to grow my hair this large one day!
I really want to try this hairstyle.  It looks hott on her!

I've also been obsessing over gel manicures.  It is a polish that can be applied on your natural nail that is dried by a UV light in like 5 minutes.  And it lasts for a good 2 weeks!  I only get it done every 2 weeks because my nails grow out by then.  Here's a pic of how bomb it looks, PLEASE EXCUSE THE ASH:

-gel manicures (as discussed).  Uh-mazing.
-gaudy jewelry (I'm loving statement fashion jewelry pieces more and more each day).
-Blogger makes your pictures look like ish and grainy and gross.  I will be uploading via Photobucket from here on out.
-making short-term goals keep me hungry and always striving to achieve something greater than myself.
-I want to change my banner and my whole blog layout, so work with me here while I get it together lol 


(inspiration images via tumblr)

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  1. wow, that last hair style is really gorgy!

  2. Aww!! you look like your mum (i wish i had her hair). If only i can be creative when mixing veggies, don't know if I can :(. I guess i don't just like it.

    Fashion Rehab

  3. You are a spitting image of your mother! And her fro was fierrrrrce! Great post :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  4. Honestly had I not the comment under your mothers hs photo I wouldve thought it was you! and Im LOOOOOOVVVVVing the gel manicure. I might have to try it, I need to know which color/brand nail polish that is, its fabulous.


  5. that first photo makes me soooo ready for summer!

  6. awesome pics!! I've been trying to drink more juice too, i want my skin to look nice and healthy for summer! :D

  7. love the pictures i just had a conversation about gell manicures im so thinking about getting them i hear they last longer then regular manicures and we all hate the chipping of the nails that you just got done less then 2 hrs ago loll


  8. gel manicuresss ooo la laa sounds interesting!!!
    Im loving the hair in the last picture she looks dope you should deffo try it x

  9. Love the manicure and lovely and inspirational images and OMDz you look like you're mom so much, gorgeous!


  10. Yes! rock your natural hair all summer! I will try to as well. And I really love that natural hair up do!! Its tres chic!

  11. loving these inspirations and your nail color is fabulous!


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