March 31, 2011

Concrete Jungle Here I Come!

I feel like there is so much to discuss!  First things first.  The past 6 months have been a grueling, strenuous search for a job.  Not just for any job, but a job in my desired career field.  I was so close to an opportunity that I would have dreamed to receive, but it didn't work out.  I've learned that if an opportunity doesn't work out, it's only because there is another opportunity that eventually will.  I've also been contemplating over whether to make the move to NYC or LA by the end of the summer, and I've decided... New York it is!

NYC will be the most sensible and less expensive move.  I won't have to pay to ship my furniture (I live close to the city), and I won't have to buy a car to get around (plus car expenses, such as gas, car note, insurance, etc).  I love LA, and I feel that it is in my future, but for now, NYC will be my present.  I love the city, and am excited to start my career there.  Now all I have to do is land a job as quickly as possible!

My life this past week:

The besties and I went bar hopping then ended at a friend's apt to chill :)

With our friend Rachel

Sorry Lei for putting you on blast, but your facial expressions are beating mine by far this time!

(To compensate for the crazy-faced photos :p)  Isn't she gorg?
We discovered that the bff's were wearing the same exact outfit, only in opposite ways.  How weird haha?!

I also made dinner for the rents this week... Pizza!

I tried making guacamole, but realized (in process) that I didn't have the ingredients necessary, so I freestyled, but it was a #FAIL

At least the pizzas turned out to be delicious!!

New jewelry pieces + Akbar + New hair style I tried out 

It looks stuffy and old, but I forgot to pick it out with my fingers before I took the pic... It looks more 70's glam when I do... I'm kind of feeling it...

I need your opinion on two things: 

1.  Should I change my banner?  I've been thinking about it for a little while, have consulted with a few blog buddies, and want to know your opinion.  Is it too busy?  Should I simplify it, or do you like it the way it is?  I would appreciate the feedback!

2.  Facebook "Like" Page?  I think I'm ready to make one.  I'm finding that it is a little much posting all of my blog biz (blogger + tumblr + twitter) on my Facebook wall, and I'm tired of posting my statuses "check out my new post."  I've recently connected with bloggers through their Facebook fan pages, and I think it would be an easier way to consolidate and interact with fellow bloggers/blog readers.  It's easier to keep up with everyone's posts that way as well.  What do you guys think?  Yay or nay?  Do you have a Facebook page for your blog (if so PLEASE leave me the link so I can be apart of it)?


******P.S.  Banner is a temp until I can figure something out!  Bare with me :) ******

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  1. this post has a bit of everthing! now im hungry :). Great post.

    ps: I love your banner, dont change it, and if you feel your really ready for a facebook like page, i say go for it. (i dont know if I would ever be ready lol)

    Fashion Rehab

  2. I always love your pics - you just look like you're living life and LOVING IT!

    I LOVE the hair too - was this a style via the rollers I used last week? If so - EUREKA! It really does work!

    Also - I LOVE your banner - perhaps keep the pics, but have them not be as long, if that makes sense. I don't have a FB fan page...I'm also not great at branding though, I have different names on youTube, my blog and twitter. Thus, I may not be a good reference.

  3. Kris,

    Im extremely happy you'll be coming to New Yorrrrrk!!! CONCRETE JUNGLE WHERE DREAM ARE MADE OF!!! We'll reflect on this month from now when your in an amazing apartment in the heart of the city.

    I love LA, and I feel that it is in my future, but for now, NYC will be my present! (well said)

    You gave me soo much life this this blog, you photos never cease to amaze me. Lei looks Great. Body on Deck! and my Zoe Sasha makes me happy when she makes appearances on your blog as we never get to see the Photographer at large. Miss those girls!

    As for this pizza, Amen! and Your Hair in the very last pic..... that too is on ZECK! Hair is in full throttle, real busy, real oyelled, real health!

    Heres my feedback: Perhaps Give yourself a timeframe to change your banner. maybe every few months or pick one that will be a kris bliss signature. You have sooo much great photos, I'd love to see more in the upcoming months inside your banner,
    FACEBOOK: Def. do the fan page. WHatever saves u time and energy from posting and re posting DO IT! also consolidating is best,its like a one stop shop, getting all you need in one place. you can never go wrong with that. plus people wont have excuses to NOT see your blog. sidenote: I'm not on facebook right at the present moment but in due time.

    P.S. Akbar is soo gorgeous. post some pics of the pets from your instagram.. they're amazing!


  4. that night haha. AND UMMM WHERE WAS MY INVITE TO PIZZA NIGHT?... *sucks teeth and rolls eyes*... INYWAY....

    I think you should update your banner periodically as Shawna said. I'm imagining what the hair looks like when u pic it out with the fingers n stuff. i know it looks good. i was trying to get that look once it was a fail. with my then arse hair.

    and this was a wakeup call. for me to get some new glasses.
    and wear them sometimes...

  5. AHHH Im so excited @ the fact that you'll be coming to NYC! Its gonna be great.We def have to link up !!!
    Did I tell you how much I LOVEEEEEEEE your Blog?
    WEll ... I Do=)
    & Gurl that pizza really? You went in, it looks amazing.

    as for the feedback i agree with Shawna lol

    -Simone <3

  6. You are beautiful! OMG that pizza looks so yummy! Kiah

  7. looks like a fun few days...also NYC sounds like a great decision :)

    i recommend making a facebook "like" page!

  8. that first pizza looks delish. you have me salivating over here.

    i have a fan page or some sort of FB page not sure it's really benefiting me. i can't figure out how to interact with other ppl. perhaps i set it up wrong? anyway, i'll stat tuned to see what you decide to do and you can find my page here

  9. ps i love the banner! only thing i would say is maybe make your name more prominent. i may have to email you to find out how you created your banner. i would love to do one similar...

  10. TAKE ME TO NY WITH YOU KRISTIN!!! HAHAHA, like we said before, thank goodness we are BOTH getting out of the LV :) And I totally agree with what you said in the beginning, I too had an absolute DREAM opportunity that was presented to me but that fell through because of my present circumstances but I believe firmly that if something is meant to be, God will bring it to pass! Whatever we desire in life will be ours one day, it all comes in time :) Great post!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  11. ...and that pizza looks banging!

  12. Hey Kris!!!

    Ohhh man, I just ate dinner, but that food is seriously making me hungry again! :P It looks delicious! That is so exciting to hear that you are moving to NYC- it's a fast-paced place, but it's filled with life, fun and inspiration. You'll love it! xx

  13. Thanks for all the feedback! It is VERY much appreciated!!! xoxo


  14. Oh, that pizza!!! I just had dinner and I feel hungry again!!! Thanks for that:) Love your blog, now following, of course:) Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)

    Kisses from Los Angeles,

  15. Good luck in NYC girl!!! Maybe we'll start to run into each other at the same events!!!! : )

    And I loooooved the original banner! Your banner is what drew me to your blog! It showed your versatility right away!

  16. omg new yorrrk i want to go there so badly! yes you will get that job opportunity soon :) also i love the new header!! it's much less cluttered and it just opens the blog up much more in regards to spatial sense xx

  17. Hi!!!
    Thank you Kris for your sweet coments :)
    This Tee you wearing on the first pic is cool and the pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... mmmmmmmmmm!!!!

  18. Hi, I found your blog via chictopia! Great pictures. Love the one of the cat! I have a facebook page for my blog:

  19. Sorry to discover your blog so lately but i really enjoyed it; In this picture you look like Tracee Ellis Ross; you have a great sense of style but with your mother i am not surprise where the good influence and genes come from; Loove your hair, we have almost the same texture; So you are one of my hair model now;



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