February 23, 2011

Rolling in the Deep

What's been going on?  I guess I could say a few things have been popping off, nothing too exciting lately. The snow/ice finally melted away, then the next day we got 3 inches -_- I was NOT pleased.  Can't it just be April already??  I got Adele's new album, and it is SOO good (hence the title, check out that song).  I think she's a phenomenal writer and vocalist.  This album, in comparison to her first, is a little more soulful/old school, a little more mature... She's growing up, and she has a lot to say!  I suggest you guys check it out!

Yesterday was also my parent's 25th year Wedding Anniversary, so I want to give them a shoutout!  Hi parents, congratulations!! lol

These are all the pictures from the Grammy event I previously told you guys about, we all looked so cute!

This is my friend Simisola looking fabulous.  She's wearing a custom made African jacket

I'm wearing a bar III dress, Merona tights from Target, and Jessica Simpson platform pumps


This is the lovely Shawna and her date Sam.

Side note: The bathrooms were unisex and it was VERY awkward.  Jay-Z, that is NOT a good look!
I don't know who all follows me on twitter, but I tweet a lot.  Some of you will already know this story from twitter, but for those of you who don't... Let me just briefly say that something ALWAYS happens to me when I go to the gym.  I can't just go to the gym, have a good workout and be done.  There is always an incident.  Last night's incident:

First of all, I went to the gym late, got there around 9:30p.m., lookin' like somebody's grandmama.  I obviously did not expect to see anyone I knew either... 30 minutes into my intense elliptical workout (lol jk) BAM.  My friend's FINE older brother: muscles poppin, skin lookin' right, doing his thang!  I immediately start to freak out, wondering if he has already seen me.  At first I thought he didn't, ducking down behind the elliptical when he walked by, even hiding behind a weight lifting machine until I was out of his sight.  But as I got closer to the end of my workout, I could sense that he was watching me, so I think he did.  

Then we both knew we had seen each other, but neither one of us were saying hello.  It was SO awkward.  Mind you, there was only about 25 people total at the gym (and it's a spacious gym), so you could see everyone who was there smh.  Was he too shy or embarrassed to say hi?  Was he too embarrassed for me LMAO?!  I don't know! 

Not sure if I'll be hitting the gym after work today... If I do, I just hope nothing too crazy happens haha!


Black History Month Fact: On this day, in 1965, Constance Baker Motley was elected Manhattan Borough President, the highest elective office held by a Black woman in a major American city.

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  1. You ladies look gorgeous. I love your dress. I love your dress

    Prissy (Rush Our Fashion)

  2. you all look so pretty! amazing! love the pic of you and shawna

  3. I love Adele too, been listening to her music. You look lovely :). seems you guys had a lot of fun.

    Fashion Rehab

  4. Aawww, this is very beautiful!!
    I love it!! ♥

    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  5. you guys look great, love your dress.

    ps. I recently discovered Adele, so impressed with her soulful voice and deep lyrics...and she's so young.

  6. I loveeeee adele her music is awesome....

    and girl yes, I have been going natural for a little over a year now....its pretty pretty great so far. I didn't do the "big chop" but am slowly growing the permed ends off.


  7. Great Blog

    Followship :) :) :)


  8. haha and THAT's why it is my favourite designer! ohhh the gym i'm so damn lazy but i play lots of team sports to keep fit. haha that story sounds so awkward. i hate it when that happens. the awkward 'i dont know if they've seen me- i'll just ignore them' thing. anyways, i LOVE your lip colour please tell me what it is!

    http://opinionslave.blogspot.com xox

  9. omg you don't have prawn cocktail crisps over in America ???
    :o how do you survive looooooool

    25 yearss awww how sweet is that, kinda puts my 3 year relationship to shame ahahaha, hope I'm like that when I'm older -

    gym. One place I deffo need to go loool xx

  10. all so fashionable :)


  11. You all look fabulous! I love love love Adele's new album, it's much deeper than the first one & I can't stop listening to it :-)


  12. fabulous girls!!!
    Welcom to my blog. Feel free to follow if you like :)
    Kisses from Russia! xx

  13. Nice photos! Looks like a lot of fun =)


  14. You all looked soo fab!! As far your incident at the gym girl, I know what you mean lolz. Recently I saw an old crush of mine that I havent seen in years and at first I didnt say anything to him and he just walked past me. Then as he came back in my direction I decided I would show him Im not that timid little girl anymore so I not only said what up to him but I told him how I used to like him and then we took a picture together!

    Sorry for typing so much ekk!!

    Editor & Chic

  15. yayness thegirls ready to hit the party...hehehe


  16. Hahahahahaha.. That's a funny story.

    You all looked beautiful. The guys were dapper!

  17. LOVE that dress! You look incredible in it.

    P.s. Died laughing at your unfortunate story about the gym. I had the same situation, but it involved me looking like death (no makeup and sick) at the mall just to catch a sale and my ex boyfriend with his girlfriend. I've never ran so fast in my life! haha


  18. I haven't laughed sooooo hard in a while. I hope you're over the gym incident.

    I love the dress and the print on it is amazing.


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