February 11, 2011

Fall 7 times, stand up 8.

TGIF!!  Is anybody going to see the new Justin Bieber movie today (just kidding... But not really)?

As you all know, I joined the gym and started working out.  At the gym I signed up with, they give you a complimentary fitness "assessment" in hopes that you'll sign up with a Personal Trainer.  I agreed to the assessment, but had no plans to sign up for a PT.  So I met with the guy, discussed what I wanted to work on (abs!!!) and he paired me up with the "abs guy" to do a few workouts.

"Robert" ( the abs guy) and I walk over to this stretching/sit-up machine.  It looked something similar to this, but larger and more slanted, so that you could lay your entire back on the bench comfortably.  Robert has me lying on the bench with a medicine ball, then reaching up in the air to touch his hand, you know, nothing fancy.  We finish the workout, and it's time to get up.  Instead of scooting up to the top of the bench, to easily get my feet from under the rolly thingys, I decide to try to get off the bench whilst still laying down.  MISTAKE.

My foot gets stuck under the rolly thingy and I literally fall off the machine sideways, in a tumble.  Everyone is looking at me.  People take out their earbuds, pause their ipods, stop their workouts to stare.  I was SOOOOOO embarrassed!!!!

I decided not to sign up with a Personal Trainer.  I'll leave it at that.

wearing: Zara gold striped sweater, Gap gold braided belt, Citizens jeans, Circa John & David hunter green boots
On a uplifting note (literally), I took a Zumba class with my Mom two days ago, and absolutely loved it! The teacher was... Ok.  She had rhythm but... It wasn't that instilled rhythm.  You could tell it took her a long time to gather the rhythm that she has haha.  I'm just saying!!

There was also an extraneous amount of booty popping involved.  There was a lady in the front going for blood.  It was as if she was auditioning as a dancer in a music video!!

I did a little organizing of my jewelry and cleaned my room yesterday.  I actually found my favorite lip liner that I thought I lost as a result of cleaning too!  I clearly need to clean my room more often...

Sunday I'm going to the Official Grammy Viewing Party at the 40/40 in NYC with a few friends.  I'll obviously be taking pictures.  It should be fun!!

Black History Month Fact: Nelson Mandela

Born in 1918 in South Africa.  He led armed resistance against apartheid, his native land's entrenched system of brutal legal discrimination that guaranteed political and economic security for White South Africans and disenfranchisement and poverty for Blacks.  As a part of the African National Congress (ANC), Mandela found himself first a fugitive and then a prisoner.  During his twenty seven years in jail, he became an international symbol of defiance against the brutality of South Africa's racist regime.  Mandela was freed from prison in 1990.  He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize three years later.  Shortly thereafter, he was elected as the first Black President of a new South Africa, one now free of apartheid- if not entirely of its legacy- due in part to his efforts. 

Amazing.  His book is on my list of must reads.  A living legend.


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  1. Can't wait to see pictures after the event. Hope you have a blast :)

    Fashion Rehab

  2. hi! omg i love it! very cool blog!


  3. Loving the hair...x


  4. Zumba sounds like fun, and I love your coils! How long did it take to do your hair?

  5. I love your hair!!! amazing, and I love zumba as well


  6. Well done on joining the gym, you look amazing...i'm sure it will only do more wonders for you. x



  7. Luvs the hair!!! I haven't done coils on my hair in sooo long, you just inspired me to try it again :)

  8. Hi Kris! I miss you, it's been quite a while. Yes, I was totally busy the past few months, reports, training, and all. My schedule is very hectic, I had sleepless nights that is why I wasn't able to update my blog frequently. Anyways, I love your hair! How did you do that? I am so amaze. I can't picture myself out in your embarrassing moment in the gym, if that happened to me, I swear I'll never go back to that gym again! hahahaha.. LOL.

    take care Kris!


  9. lol, the gym can be so intimidating sometimes...but you're not the first to fall and i'm sure they wouldn't remember??
    i love seeing stripes in colors other than black and white. love what you did here with the cardi and belt.


  10. holy moly your hair is awesome! and yeah it's not that hard to give credit! like this tumblr site had literally saved my pictures and loaded it onto hers then like 500 people had reblogged it from her site so i was like ARGH. i asked her to give me credit and she did though. yay.

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

  11. you look sooo beautiful in these photos -i love your hair!

    sorry about the abs thing :(

  12. i like how you paired the cardigan with a belt. belts make everything better (and scarves).

  13. i really liike sumba! I used to do it once i week but I'm pretty lazy at the moment..:p
    I love this outfit! you look great! Especially your hair! I think it's fantastic!
    About your comment: I don't know which colour yet but probably some shades lighter since it's going to be summer haha:)


  14. Love your minimalist style and your blog!! you have a new follower from Spain! you can find me and follow me in http://onyxay.blogspot.com
    hope you like it!

  15. hahaha!cant help but laugh..sorry :-)

  16. hey girl, love the way you did with your belt...you should get that lil bit closed up ;)

  17. @Mrs. J: I took me a few hours... I hadn't done it in awhile!

    @Abbie: Not locking, just playing with different natural styles :)

    @KinkyCurlyQueen I would love to see comb twists on your hair!

    @Chic Therapy LMAO it's ok...

    @H-S You're totally right, I should've gotten a close up!

  18. lol @ the gym mishap. see, thats one of the reasons my butt is afraid to go. i don't want to embarrass myself. anyway, the zumba class sounds like fun.

    ur outfit looks cute, comfy, and simple, and i really like your hair rolls!


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