February 5, 2011

Eclectic Minimalism

I know you're looking at the title of this post and thinking "What the heck?" but that phrase came from the same person who said she was taken over by the spirit Nebuchadnezzar Hakeem Olajuwon on New Year's Eve.  If you have NO idea what I'm taking about, you can see that post here.

Moving on.

My body is mad at me because it doesn't understand what's going on.  I have joined the gym and started my workout grind, and I am soooo sore you guys!!  But my body is going to have to deal with it because, I can't stop 'cuz I won't stop (Diddy voice).  Does anyone have any good workout tips?  Does anybody workout? lol

Wearing: H&M cropped jacket and lace sheer blouse,  Gap stirrup jeans, Dolce Vita suede boots

I've been eating healthier too!  I'm proud of myself with the little salad I made the other day (yes I took a picture of it).

And I'm still going out in the streets even though it's Narnia outside.  I'm literally waiting for the Snow Queen to arrive at any moment!!

As I mentioned before, I'm in celebration of Black History Month, and I'm going to be adding some "did you knows" and whatnot to share on the blog!  Today: Sesame Street!

"More than 40 years ago, the Carnegie Institute was asked to figure out how television could be used to help inner-city preschool children read. Jim Henson and the Children's Television Workshop created a show with talking Muppets who taught children their ABCs and 123s. 'Sesame Street' mirrored a more inclusive world, including kids jumping double dutch, rapping and speaking Spanish. A 1996 survey showed that 95% of American preschoolers have watched 'Sesame Street' by the time they are three years old – a block in the 'hood where all children breathe air that's sweet. Now little black girls and their parents can be especially happy to tune into the program after the popularity of the 'I Love My Hair' song that debuted on an October 4 episode of the show. The show's YouTube clip of a little brown Muppet girl singing about the beauty of her hair went viral and encouraged black girls and women to take another look at the way we view our hair. "

If you haven't seen the "I Love my Hair" video, view it here.

Sidenote: I would have loved to have gotten the gig to record that song when I was little LOL!

Happy Saturday!


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  1. Hey Kris! So the first couple of weeks getting back to working out are always hard! I do workout...it's especially hard (for me) in the winter bc who likes to even go outside in the cold! The soreness will wear off, and then you'll start seeing results and LOVING IT! Good luck!

  2. I love Sesame Street. They expose viewers to EVERYTHING. they had a skit about Capoeira! WHO DOES THAT? I still be learnin stuff from Sesame Street... lol jk

  3. Ok Seriously, I live for your jacket. Love it!!

  4. cute hair and jacket.

    check out my jewelry giveaway http://simplychic08.blogspot.com/2011/01/i-want-to-give-way.html

  5. your shoes are to die for, I love your hair as well...Have your tried doing yoga?


  6. wooo check you out in that jacket :D

    LMAOO at how your body is mad at you for going gym.

    I guess thats like me, well, actually my excuse is just pathetic.

    I did like 50 squats in my room, I would of done them the next day as well, but when I woke uo my legs felt... I don't even know, the ache was just next level, and even when I walked down the stairs they was still hurting so I was tryna keep my legs straight walking down the strais one by one hahahahha

    f u squats, f u!!!!


  7. Hey! Love this blog! I work out, but I can say when you change your routine it hurts (but in a very good way). I usually run but have started lifting weights and doing squats (on my own!!) and all I can say is that I pass out every night lol. Best sleep ever.

  8. I do not work out but I should. I am lazy!Keep up with it!

  9. beautiful jacket!! i love the pattern!! :)


  10. Your hair looks FAB! I love it!!! And that outfit you have on is amazing, I love the pattern on the jacket :)

    I signed up for a strength training class this semester so my body is crying out in pain nowadays too -_- but it will all pay off in the end lol!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  11. Great shoes girl ;D...so cute >*<..hehehe

  12. Wow! it almost looks like you locked. I love it :p and yes to this cropped jacket!!! thanks for the sesame street insight, i wouldve never known the sesame street was that huge to the kids... Trik luh the kids (sorry i had to).

    As for the workouts, I'm very happy you've started back in the groove of things. I am an advocate for bodyrock.tv, her workouts are great when you're pressed for time or want a short but sweet workout that will leave you burning for a week (literally). lemme know if u try it out:)

    P.S. Your a cutie.. I can say with absolute positivity that "you cant stop, wont stop giving us life". K!

  13. Yup this outfit was uber cute. So dainty.
    I digg it!!! : )

  14. j'adore ! I really like your blog, the atmosphere, your look, the pictures ! Great !

    Miss Zaza, blog mode et shopping on line

  15. that cropped jacket is so fabulous!

    on the workout thing - i stick to lots of cardio, sculpt classes, and hot yoga classes!

  16. Hey girlie!!!
    Sesame Street!!! I loved (and still love) that show! I still have my Ernie and Bert dolls- they are among my most fave dolls, actually. Speaking of which, I think it was Ernie's birthday at the end of January.. :D

    I LOVE this outfit!! It's so pretty, and you kept it interesting in this really elegant way combining patterns, but "not".. like the jacket has a colorful pattern whereas the blouse has an understated pattern of texture. They look great together- and I love your hair like that too. Good for you that you've been going for the health thing- that is awesome!! I'm slowly trying to ween myself off the junk food I got in the habit of eating over the holidays.. the beginning of the "healthier habits" is always depressing bc you can't eat whatevs, but then once you start to feel better, I think it becomes more fun (or rather, bearable LoL) because I feel more svelte then. That plate you prepared looks mouth-watering, though- that is definitely not something that would feel like a sacrifice to eat!! :D

    *Claudia* x
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  17. Love you in that outfit, amazing jacket!!!
    Loved the did you know piece [love fun facts :)]


  18. love your jacket, the lace top & your boots! xo

  19. ooooh, loving that jacket, saw it in H&M, wanted it in H&M and then my bank account laughed at me. *sigh*



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