February 17, 2011

And the award goes to...

Is Winter over yet??  I'm so over it!  Thankfully the snow is starting to melt, and soon I'll see what grass looks like again.  However, it's supposed to be 63 degrees on Friday so that is something to look forward to!  Woo hoo!!

Valentine's Day was a couple days ago, and I had work.  I'm single, but I still like the holiday either way lol.  I actually don't own the color red, so while everyone had on red, I was wearing beige, turquoise, and creme.  I know the color red looks great on me, but for some reason, I don't like to wear it.  Weird huh?  The closet thing to red I own is a red wash cloth!

(These photos were taken pre-winter)
Wearing: H&M sweater, F21 maxi skirt, Dolce Vita boots
The Grammy's were also the other night, and as we all know, the big upset was when Esperanza Spalding won Best New Artist over Justin Bieber.  I honestly didn't think she had a chance over those crazy Beliebers, but I was so happy for her, almost in tears!  She went to Berklee as well as I, and she was a normal musician just like the rest of us.  When I got to school she had just graduated and was actually working for Berklee, and I would see her walking around campus carrying her huge upright bass with her.  She was very friendly and always wearing a smile.  If she can make it, so can we!  Let's uplift not demolish!

Frenchie Davis said it best on twitter yesterday:
"Um, not knowing who Esperanza Spalding is doesn't make her a nobody... It makes YOU musically ignorant... Again, I implore you to go sit down."

Justin Bieber fans have been verbally assaulting Esperanza through twitter, hacking her Wikipedia page, etc.  It's really over the top...  Maybe they should check out her music and see all that she's done before attacking her.  At the end of the day she is a human being, and people need to treat her as such, whether they agree or disagree with her winning the Grammy.  I think Justin Bieber is great, and definitely deserved to win just as much as she, if not more... But clearly the artists weren't judged solely on record sales (which is a good thing).  He's like 12, he's got plenty of years for Grammy's to come his way!

I don't know what's going on with the top of my head in these pics but...

What are your thoughts on this years Grammy Awards, especially in regards to the Esperanza vs. Bieber controversy?


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  1. ohh what i have not heard of this bieber controversy! please tell! (you look lovely as always hehe)

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

  2. freakin bieberfans..they're crazy. I'm happy she won the award:)
    And I really like your sweater! great look:)
    ps: i have the problem with my face+camera all the time haha=)

  3. lovely:) my H&M maxi skirt looks almost exactly the same.

  4. Nice sweater and lovely blog! You look great!!!


    63 DEGREES!?? Are you joking me, that is soooo flippen cool, why can't it be 63 degree's over her in England FML it's like -9847 here maaan, sometimes I just wonder why they never called England iceland? :s

    Hope your having fun with the 63 degree's whilst I'm freezinmg my butt off over here loooooooool

    also really like your outfit by the way :) maxi skirt looks great on you xxx

  6. good sweater!

    the only red i own is a blazer, and i love it, but otherwise i'm not really drawn to red either.

  7. that h&m sweater is beautiful!

    also, i love esperanza spalding so i was really excited for her!

  8. Cute outfit!
    It was sixty something for like one day here in nyc... now it's back to freezing lol

    Check out my blog and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  9. i am in love with all the contrast you have going in this outfit(: lovely blog you have here also(:



  10. cute outfit. i'm glad esperanza won. folks can be so ignorant at times. i have nothing against beiber, as i like pop sometimes, but spalding was deserving of that award. just because some folks don't know her and don't know what real music is, doesn't mean she 'stole' the award. they need to expand what the listen to.

  11. Cute outfit! Love that you switched it up and did not wear red! I am now following you!

  12. Yay I'm glad everyone is rooting for Esperanza on here! Lovely!

  13. HAHAHAHA suck it justine bieber. he was on the ellen show and gave her his hair in a box because he got a haircut. like how up yourself can you be. throw that crap in the garbage! at least he's putting it up for auction for charity.. but argh! some fans de-followed him on twitter in protest that he cut his hair LOLOLOL!!!

    http://opinionslave.blogspot.com xx

  14. Haha I heard about that! Like wth?! He needs to calm down. I'm glad they unfollowed him on twitter (they're probably already re-following him since they probably forgave him lolol). Oh that teenage angst! He needs a slice of humble pie I think!

  15. "Lets uplift, not demolish" I love that, I feel the same way. Those beliebers are just immature little girls, who don't know anything past whats playing on the radio. They'll learn one day.



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