January 28, 2011

There's always more to learn...

As some of you know, I am a big reader.  I'm always reading a book, sometimes 2-3 at a time.  I love reading about people, especially bios and autobiographies.  But of course I can't deny occasionally dipping into fiction books like The Twilight Saga or the Gossip Girl series I was obsessed with back in my hs days.  But enough about me.  This post is about you!

I am announcing my first GIVEAWAY!!!

Remember the post I did about the gift exchange with my bffs here?  And remember how I was raving about the book "101 Things I Learned in Fashion School?"  This book has 101 great tips for all the fashion heads out there, whether you want to be designers, or just want a better understanding of the technical side of fashion!

Well ladies and gents, I am giving away a copy of this book to one of my lucky readers!  Not just a copy, but a signed and personalized copy from both authors to the winner of this fabulous book!!

And books never go out of style!! :D

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For those of you who are not able to follow through google, subscribe to my rss feed (also on the righthand side and in your search bar) and "like" this post (I know you all are facebook junkies lol) to spread the word!

Leave a comment on this post only with your name and e-mail address, and briefly tell me what it is you love most about fashion!!

The winner will be chosen based on their response.
**Giveaway will close on 02.20.11**
Winner will be announced 02.28.11

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting my blog by following, reading my posts, commenting, and spreading the word!  I've only had this blog a few days shy of 3 months, and I am already impressed by the amount of friendly and creative people that I have interacted with!  I truly love blogging, and it's great to be able to build a community of likeminded, driven individuals like you all.  I get so excited to read your comments, and check out your blogs as well!  Thank you!!

Enter away! <3
Good luck!!!!!


"The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."   -Dr. Seuss


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  1. I love fashion because yeah yeah it is a form of expression, but beyond that I think of fashion as an extension of my femininity. Of course men can be fashionable and I do appreciate a well put-together man,but there is something special about a well-dressed woman. I consider my style to be feminine chic with a little bit of edge ever once in a while. I love heels, skirts and frills. Fashion is a part of me embracing my womanhood and I also try to do it with class.

    Love your blog!



  2. The thing i love the most about fashion is its empowering qualities along with the freedom and individuality that comes along with it.

    Michelle K

  3. we are both hosting giveaways. fun!

    what i love most about fashion is that it's a way to express yourself or make a statement without saying a word.


    checkout my jewelry giveaway http://simplychic08.blogspot.com/2011/01/i-want-to-give-way.html

  4. what I love most about fashion is the way it gives me the opportunity to express my self and I love the way fashion defines who I am without uttering a word, it is what I use to express my rebellion against social norms on how we are expected to look like. Fashion makes me happy because it is something that I truly love and it never fades.



  5. Ooo! what a lovely giveaway! What I love most about fashion is that it is a creative outlet, like any other art form (dance, art, music...) it lets you express yourself, ideas, feelings, and many emotions. I love bold everyday fashion, as well as overwhelming and inventive high fashion. I love that you can spend thousands of dollars on clothes, and that you can find great items for less than a dollar. It is a truly diverse, and creative outlet for anyone to enjoy and pursue, no matter age, gender, or ethnicity.



  6. wow...what a great giveaway!! that book sounds really interesting :)

    what i love most about fashion is thats its an extension of my personality. It gives me the freedom dress however the mood im in and to be able to portray my mood through my clothes.
    what i also love about fashion is the constant change. Fashion never stays the same. It is amazing that designers are able to quickly come up with new things. It's always so exciting to see the new ideas at fashion week.


  7. What I love most about fashion is that it allows you to be creative and be yourself. I love looking into my closet and seeing all the different colors and accessories and shoes that make me who I am. Fashion makes me feel good. When I look good, I feel good!



  8. Hello Miss Thang :)

    My name is Dami aka Dee and my e-mail is thatgoodtimes2@gmail.com

    What I love most about fashion is its universal expression. It is safe to say that just about everyone in the world wears clothing and whether we mean to or not, our personalities show through the clothing we wear which I find to be a beautiful thing. :)


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