December 20, 2010

I've been away, but I'm here to stay

I apologize for the lack of a post for almost a week (gasp).  I came down with a cold and am still getting over it :(  I always get sick during finals week, and I thought since I graduated this past summer, I wouldn't get sick this time of year because I obviously don't have any finals to take.... And I still ended up getting sick!  What is the sense in that?!

I honestly can't make sense of it haha!

Christmas is 5 days away, I look forward to going to Christmas mass and hanging out with the fam.  I didn't really ask for anything this year, although I may have dropped a few "hints" on things hehe.

I was feeling a little down in my last post, but I'm moving forward with positivity from this point on!  Your comments were so supportive, I truly appreciate each and every one of them!

wearing: H&M Cosby sweater, Vintage Faux Fur suede coat, Dolce Vita suede boots

What did you guys ask for Christmas this year?  Do you still ask for things?  What is your take on the Christmas holiday?  

Before I leave you, let me tell you a little story, I think a lot of you will be able to relate.  My mother was on the phone with her sister, in an "attempt" to gossip about sports.  Bad move.  She ended up referring the football player, Chad Ochocino as "Cinco de Mayo."  All I could do was shake my head.  I shared the same story as my facebook status, and one of my friends sent me this video.  Hilarious.  This is my mother!!

I'm not quite sure if I'll do another post before Christmas Day, so everyone have a lovely holiday!!  I will most certainly be back before the New Year!



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  1. Krissblissss!!! How's you feeling girlie?! I'm so sorry I took so long to reply to your other comment! Things have been crazy busy with Christmas stuff and preparations, etc. So! First, omg- your Nikon went on to camera heaven, too?! ouuuch... We can mourn our losses together... I was seriously attached to my camera; I'm really upset about this. I reallyyyyy would love to move on to an slr, esp bc of that "blurred background" option, but i'm afraid it might be a little out of budget... and then there are so many other options on it that would it be a waste to go with that choice and not fully utilize the camera? do you know anything about like, cheap slr cams that have minimal options but the soft focus thing? ha- i was checking out the brand new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T100, and then I saw the price, and it's seriously like $400.... um... No. Gah- such a paiiin... What are you thinking of doing?

    Secondly, that is soooooooooo awesome that you are going to be featured in Essence Mag!!!! Do you know which month? Congratulations!! Annnd it is awesome that you were also featured on Moptop Maven!!! I love your style- and I love how your hair looks like this, too! I caught up on your last posts, and it sounds like this is pretty low-maintenance-- best way to be (along with stylish of course!)

    Thank you sooooo much for your really nice comment today!!! :D You're the best! It's really exciting that people enjoy what I'm writing. I love to do it :D And I'm glad you liked the feature, too :D

    I finallyyyyy set up lookbook! Even though I have no clue about how it works haha. What I think I have to do next time is add the lookbook "hype" button under my pic on my blog- that will help. Here is my link to my page:

    Ok this comment is prolly super long! Merry merry Christmas to you and your family, and I hope you have a great, fun week!!! :D

    xoxo *Claudia*

  2. I really love your coat, plus your so lucky to be done from school. I cant wait to be done, need some relaxiation.

    ps: for me right now, christmas is not as jolly as I expected, cos my flight was cancelled for mw to go home to celebrate with my family. But I am happy that they found a flight that leaves before the 25th so Its gonna be jolly when it gets to that date. Thats my wish for christmas this year (To make it home in time for Christmas). :) Hope you get well soon.

  3. ffffabulous coat!

  4. haha yes you are bundled up for winter! i love my summers :D great outfit!

    F. ( x

  5. oh such a cute blog :) following you! greets from Turkey xox

  6. Okay, yes. I love this blog!

    Hello from a new follower!! Follow back? =)

  7. hi kris. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and to your family.. Enjoy every bit of it! Have fun and take care!! Make the most out of it! GOD BLESS!!!!

  8. i love your coat!!

    merry christmas!

  9. thank you for your comment. i hope you had a great xmas :)

    F. ( x

  10. Gorgeous coat! I love the fur lining. Im hoping to purchase one similar to this! :)

    I love your blog = new follower!
    Hope you can do the same <3

  11. FAB Coat!!!



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