November 18, 2010

Step by Step

Hi everyone!  Today is Thursday, and I am happy to say it because it's almost the weekend!  I wanna see Harry Potter tnite at midnight, but I can't find anyone who's available to go argh (I'll be working on this all day).  But I'm not going to be a complete geek and talk about HP the whole post...

I went to NYC on Tuesday to go to the re-launch of Ruff Ryder Records (previous artists include DMX, Eve, Jadakiss, renowned producer Swizz Beatz).  I actually got to meet Swizz Beatz and he seems really chill and down to earth.  I got to see the studio where he first started producing... He said he used to LIVE in that studio lol.  I hope some of that inspiration/passion/success rubbed off on me!

I've been slacking a little on my "re-vamp room" mission, only because I need help doing it.  And my bff's are not tryna help smh... I WILL make progress today, as soon as I press enter, I will be off organizing this room!

These are some pics of me before I got my "hurr did"

For those that saw my youtube video, I hope you liked it~

What are some hair products you can't live without??

wearing: vintage 70's poncho, black leggings, brown leather Madden boots, vintage jewelry

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  1. lol cute pic... "my bffs are def not tryna help" lol.... we shawl ain't. lol some bffs we are. but... really lovin that top pic girl! love you!!!!!!

  2. Nice outfit. And you are gorg. Clearly Imma a fan of the natural look. Loves it.

  3. cute outfit....


  4. you look lovely

  5. Such an amazing, casual and cozy look!
    You are wonderful!

  6. This sweater is very cute! This is a cute & casual look on you



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