November 8, 2010

....Movin to the ends of their own Rainbows.

"For Colored Girls who have considered suicide/When the rainbow is Enuf."


After posting my review, and discussing the film with both men and women, I've realized that I didn't touch on any downsides/negatives of the film.

1. Black men were portrayed poorly in the movie (besides the cop, who didn't have a big role).  Yes this is true, however, let's keep in mind that this movie was based off the 1975 award-winning Broadway play, which featured the choreopoems that you heard in the film.  The content of the movie was based on the content of the poems.  And these situations happen/have happened in real life.  It's not about For Colored Boys, it's about For Colored Girls, and it wasn't turned into a Hollywood-version, Sugar-coated, happy ending.  It is what it is.

2. The women in the film were very dependent, and not at peace with themselves.  Yes.  They were not.  I really suggest everyone pick up the book of poems, and I think a lot of people will get a better understanding of what this play was about.  If you thought you were going to see Waiting to Exhale 2, where everybody had a happy ending, you were sadly mistaken.

3. Tyler Perry had no right to make this film, he isn't a female!  Ok.  So this is me being COMPLETELY HONEST.  I think TP "Perrynized" this film.  We're used to Tyler Perry doing comedic films with overly dramatic plots.  And I feel that this was a big test on his skills as a director, if we would be able to pull this movie off... I think he did add a little bit of the over dramatization to the film, as antagonists assumed he would.  I also wished we heard Phylicia Rashad's poem about "Touissant" in totality (that was one of my favorites), as well as the scene were Whoopi and Thandie's character were both reciting their poems simultaneously.  I understand the "artistry" of it all, but we need to remember what this film is about.  I could go on and on about the story line and the fact that they all lived in the same building, and how extremely dramatic Janet's character was, but you get the point.  I think he fell a few steps short of Oscar worthy...

To officially rate this movie, I'd give it a B+ :)

When I first learned that Tyler Perry was going to be adapting "For Colored Girls..." the award-winnng play into a feature film, I was very excited.  I immediately bought the book (which were the choreopoems), and from the layout, it felt like I was reading the script-which was awesome.  The poems were so beautifully written, with imagery and content for days, but also contained harsh realities of the things women of color face on the daily.

The play was also written in the 70's, and I was very interested to see how Tyler Perry was going to take these poems set then into present day.  Furthermore, I didn't know how well a male was going to portray these women's stories.  And I have to tell you, I think he did a phenomenal job!  I absolutely loved the film!!  Reading the poems were one thing, but the way each actress performed each poem, as a part of their dialog was outstanding.  Perry tailored the poems and dialog so well that resulted in a seamless deliverance!

Overall, I'd definitely recommend all women to see this film.  It was a tear jerker for sure, but it has a strong message, and exposes real life issues that are most times pushed under the rug!  Get a group of girls (guys too!) together and go see the movie!

I'm lookin' raw in these pictures, but I think it goes with my "Africa" theme :)

Have you seen the film?  What are your thoughts on the movie?

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  1. Heyy- I found you on Chictopia- I liked your comment (about being new and taking it slow in getting to know things- i feel the same way), so I checked out your blog. I love your personal style! Your pieces are gorgeous, especially what you are wearing in this post. I've never seen this movie before- would it be on NetFlix or maybe YouTube (sometimes some sweet souls upload movies onto YT lol).

  2. Sooo, I was JUST talking to my friend about this movie and I don't know. I think that the men were all so negatively portrayed. While I get its not about them, and its not about positive men, but rather the REAL life issues of women, I really wished there had been a bright spot outside of the silver lining that come with sisterhood. The cop was a good guy in the movie but he was hardly highlighted in the film. Maybe I would enjoy the book of poems more, or maybe I should have seen the play. Not sure but I was conflicted if I liked the movie. I gave it a B-

  3. Loves the movie... I saw it twice! it's really inspirational. I recently attended a discussion panel on his films and people felt like he used madea to shy away from the seriousness of issues today. I loved the fact that in this film HE DID NOT! The actors/actresses were AMAZING, everyone dug in for their characters. Yes black men were portrayed negatively but so were the women if you want to nit pick.
    looking beyond color, i think that ANY woman would be able to identify to one of the situations on the screen. If it's not you, it's some one you know.

    Check out my blog, follow if ya like :-)

  4. new to your blog,and I am already hooked! Love this look btw and ur hair is very pretty in twists.

  5. i HAVE got to see the film ! thank you for your thoughts ! also what lipstick color is that? it is fabulous !


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