October 29, 2010


Hello beautiful ppl!  Who's going out for Halloween this weekend?  It's my Bff's bday tnite, so we're going to a costume party to celebrate!  I worked tnite, so when I got off my friends decided we were going to dress up as background dancers from Michael Jackson's "Bad" video (lol).  I'm obviously down, but I don't have anything to wear!  So we're raiding Sasha's (the  bday girl's) closet, and coming up with something for me to wear!  We're going to be "flipping" with Sasha's flip video cam ("Do you flip?"), so I'll see if it's anything post worthy!  Here are some more pics of my crazy sequined jacket:
 Be safe this weekend, and have fun!  Happy Halloween!

wearing: Rachel Roy Patent Leather Pumps, vintage earrings, vintage sequined jacket

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  1. i dig it!
    haha i have a similar one but the bead patterns are a bit different.....can't ever get enough of the heavy sequins!!! u wear it fabulously!

  2. that jacket is amazing!!
    i love your style!
    Iv'e just launched my new Vintage & Designer Store called FAUX REAL! you would loveee some of the stuff we have, and lots more soon!
    come check it out and follow for updates and giveaways!


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